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Karl Rove (AKA “Turdblossom”) is the ever-so-fitting recipient of this week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds. And how did this plucky Doughboy earn the honor? Why, by promising millionaires and billionaires that he could buy elections for them. And he totally, wretchedly, spectacularly, failed to deliver. Four hundred million dollars (that we know about) flushed down the commode, swirled away like so many, well, turds.


The bloom is off the blossom and his “clients” are some kinda pissed off that lil’ Karl failed to deliver . Even for people like Adelson, Koch One and Koch Two, twenty million bucks or so is some serious coin to have wasted. And they are not happy with him. Not even a little bit.

Like many liars, Karly Boy has tried to weasel his way out by telling more lies: but his audience is not stupid, and they are seeing right through him. He has tried to blame others: that isn’t working either. All of his horses and all of his men aren’t putting Rovey Dumpty’s reputation back together again.

Rove has lied for years and gotten away with it. This time, he made the mistake of lying to people that can really, truly, seriously f*** his s*** up.  Give the Blossom Boy his trophy and pass the popcorn: this is gonna be fun to watch.

Mr. B & C

The best way of  understanding someone’s priorities is to look at how they spend their money, how they spend their time, who they spend their time with. During this silliest of all silly seasons, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has noticed something: Obama’ money has come mostly from many thousands of average schmoes giving a few bucks here and there; and Romney’s cash has come from a very few uber-rich motherf***ers, some of whom are hiding in the shadows.
But not all of them are completely hidden, and we can learn a lot about those who hates them a black President by how they spend their money, time, and their connections:

The Koch Brothers:  Serious, hardcore robber barons who want  to be rid of regulation and silly rules that protect workers, the public, and honest  business folk:

Karl Rove: Easily one of the scummiest political operatives since Caligula bought the Senate in ancient Rome:

Mitt Romney: an amoral, shallow, monetary sociopath who is fiercely loyal to his wife and kids,  and out the f***everyone else:

The financial vultures who are buying Romney’s campaign:

And so on, and so on. Nary a one of these people is interested in advancing the safety, security and public welfare of the American people. Rather, they are out for themselves and seek to have a free hand to  loot the lot of us, pollute the lot of us, and screw the lot of us. And Obama is not interested in helping them do so.

The average working schmuck is well-served by a vote for Obama: because he, unlike his opponents, has  no percentage in f***ing us over.

Mr. B & C

Ancient Rome occupied quite a bit of real estate at one time, and though they were a minority in most of their Empire, they were able to rule over the majority through various means. Eventually, though, the majorities in each occupied nation got tired of being screwed over, and revolted. Buh-Bye, Roman Empire.

England once occupied even more of the globe than Rome, and though the English were a minority in most of their empire, they were able to rule over the majority through various means.  Eventually, though, the majorities in each occupied nation (like America, India, Scotland, and so on) got tired of being screwed over, and revolted. Buh-Bye, British Empire

We are seeing this happen elsewhere on a smaller scale in Syria today – minority is ruling a majority and screwing them over. The majority has gotten sick of it and is revolting. Pretty soon, it’ll be Buh-Bye, Assad. We saw it in South Africa, too. Majorities eventually get tired of being boinked and rise up, usually causing a lot of death and destruction in the process.

Today, America is increasingly heading towards minority rule – a small group of wealthy individuals are using the tax code to their benefit, buying our “representatives”, using their ownership of the media to give us the mushroom treatment, rigging elections, and so on. Pretty much the same thing as Caesar and Quadaffi did in their times; and Americans are slowly waking up to this reality. When enough of them get ticked off enough, it will not be pretty.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are both members of this minority. They could be poster children for this group, in fact. They do not understand the lives of ordinary Americans, but they wish to rule a nation full of them.  Say what you will about Obama and Biden (and this writer has said plenty), neither of them was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Hell, half the time they didn’t have silver of any sort, but they each worked their own way up and made themselves successes.

Not Romney. He started rich and got richer. Ditto Ryan. They and their little clique will screw us all over to such an extent that people will start getting really pissed off.  And when that happens, it’ll be Buh-Bye to America as we have known it.  And that would really suck.

Mr. B & C