Your humble bloggespondent spent the past weekend supporting a family member at an event hosted by a gay leather group. And, as always, the degree of respect, honesty, integrity, and community service pervaded the gathering to an extent never experienced in, say, a church, legislature, boardroom or other such environment.

Think about that, Gentle Reader. The “others” outclass the “normals” when it comes to the values we all profess to hold dear. Hard work? Check. Truthfulness? Check. Ethical conduct? Check. Strict moral code? Check.

In fact, these taxpaying citizens, for all that they are marginalized and shunned by America’s mainstream culture, are in fact exemplary members of that culture. That doesn’t surprise this writer, who has many good friends in the gay leather community.

But it’s a fair bet that many heads in the straight world just exploded after reading the preceding paragraphs.

Think about that, Gentle Reader. Those among us whom we are told to despise are in many respects people we should be emulating. Those the Teavangelicals would have us execute for being gay actually better exemplify the teachings of Jesus than do most right-wing “Republican Christians”. The gay leather community as a whole is a safer, more trustworthy place than just about anywhere else in this country.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

(P. S. – You know what almost never got mentioned? Gay sex. Indeed, you will hear far more talk about gay sex from “Christian” Fundagelicals or on Fox “news” than you ever will at a gay leather event.)