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“Go big or go home”, people say, and this was a lie of Titanic proportions: Chris Christie, who despite his name is not the least bit Christlike, shut down most traffic on a bridge to punish a mayor for not kissing his Christie Joisey ass.

Commuters. Fire trucks. Ambulances. Commercial vehicles. All made to wait in a partisan traffic jam.

And the Guv? Why, he is lying like the big ol’ sack of s*** that he is. The fact that an old high-school buddy ordered the closure? Coincidence. And the fact that said buddy is now off to parts unknown? Another coinkeedink. Thus spake the Christie.

Of course, the truth is already coming out. And hopefully all the fools he fooled and all the gullible twits he gulled will remember this moment before they are dumb enough to vote for this Lying Sack of S*** again.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

P.S. Another load of lies from Mr. C:

Yes, this is a week late, but she’s 12+ YEARS late, so let’s not get too arsed about a mere seven days, OK? In this article:, we read about her “misgivings” and “regrets” over her role in the Bush V. Gore ruling. Of course, her regrets are mostly because she didn’t like the reign of Bush The Dumber, which is pretty shallow of her, to put it mildly.

Putting it less mildly, she should be wracked with guilt for trashing the Constitution: You see, the Constitution DOES NOT F***ING ALLOW THE F***ING SUPREME COURT TO DO ONE F***ING THING to resolve a slate of disputed Electors. That power is reserved to Congress. Period.

So, instead of being regretful over her unconstitutional actions in 2000, she’s hacked off because she didn’t like the Shrub. The Supreme Court violated the separation of powers, and crapped on the Constitution they claimed to respect, and all she cares about is her “legacy”. News flash: it’s already a tarnished, corroded piece of crap legacy, and crying crocodile tears won’t change it one whit.

What a lying sack of s***.

Sandra, we have your Crown O’ Polished Turds, and it should suit you to a Tee…

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This picture of the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the past year tells the story:Image

Anyone who STILL wants to argue the point is not just a lying sack of s***, but delusional into the bargain.

Mr. B & C

This week, the NRA decided to paint targets on a couple of school kids, for the “crime” of being the President’s daughters. In addition to being vicious, despicable, and perhaps intended to incite terrorist attacks on innocent children, the advertisement stood out as being almost completely devoid of any factual accuracy of any sort.

Put plainly; the entire advertisement is a lie; analysis

And then, after being called out for their revolting screed about the Prexy’s kids, the NRA lied again, saying that the ad about Malia and Sasha was NOT about, well, Malia and Sasha.

To the usual Crown O’ Polished Turds, we shall add some shell casings, with sharp jagged edges to remind these useless terrorist f***s of the scars they are inflicting on children around the nation. Not that they would care: look at what some of their kids are like, after all.

Mr. B & C