Mr. Blunt and Cranky has seen a number of eras, epochs, ages and potential apocalypses come and go: the Age of Aquarius, Y2K, the whole Mayan Thinggummie, and so on. It must be confessed that none of these “events” made much of an impact on his life, with the exception of Y2K: that one made a ton of money for the Cranky Family.

And it seems that is a pattern for most of these deadlines: a very few see a change, usually in their bank accounts. The rest of us wait for the promised massive change, and when nothing happens shrug our shoulders and get on with our lives when the usual nothing happens.

Today’s much-hyped event is the “fiscal cliff”, a deadline created by Congress to force itself to nut up and take responsibility for a change. True to form, they are doing no such thing: instead, they are blaming the Prexy for their lack of action.

The “media” are cashing in on this overly-hyped non-event, as one would expect. The rest of us might or might not see any real change when the Kerfufflers stop kerfuffling, which is also as one would expect.

Eventually, those useless buffoons in D.C. will do the needful and this “crisis” will pass, as so many have done before. What we might wish to do is be aware of what else might be going on elsewhere in government while our attention is distracted by yet another manufactured deadline.

For example: recently, Ohio had a huge hue and cry over anti-worker legislation. While that brouhaha was brouhaha-ing, the Guv and his cronies quietly slashed budgets, took the money saved, and handed the cash to a bunch of other cronies. They were able to get away with it because we were all fixated on the “crisis”.

This writer suggest we all keep a weather eye on those sons-of-two-fathers in Dizzy City to see what else they are doing to us while distracting us with yet another manufactured “deadline”.

Mr. B & C