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Another school-to-prison scam, this one in Texas. Briefly put: if you get too many absences or tardies, you go directly to jail. No defense, no nothing. Jail. With adult offenders. Even if you are as young as 12 years old. Jail. And fined hundreds of dollars.

And it’s not just “bad kids” who get treated thus: a straight-A honor student who also had to work two jobs got thrown in the slam for a day and a night with career criminals. Think about it.

In Dallas County, they have a computer programmed to file the charges without a single human interaction required. Not until they get to court, where there is limited judicial discretion available.

Of course, sometimes said discretion is a very bad thing, too: as in the school-to-privatized prisons pipeline where judges take bribes and kickbacks to imprison juveniles. One such “judge” made over a million bucks imprisoning innocent kids.

Regardless of your political persuasion, it is hard to imagine that you support this sort of state-sanctioned child abuse. But some people vote for “representatives” that DO support said abuse.

Ask yourself about the people you vote for. Because, you see, when you vote for them, they think your vote means your support for what they do.

And that means, yep, we the people are ultimately accountable for the actions of our government. Including any abusive actions they may be taking towards our children.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Ancient Rome occupied quite a bit of real estate at one time, and though they were a minority in most of their Empire, they were able to rule over the majority through various means. Eventually, though, the majorities in each occupied nation got tired of being screwed over, and revolted. Buh-Bye, Roman Empire.

England once occupied even more of the globe than Rome, and though the English were a minority in most of their empire, they were able to rule over the majority through various means.  Eventually, though, the majorities in each occupied nation (like America, India, Scotland, and so on) got tired of being screwed over, and revolted. Buh-Bye, British Empire

We are seeing this happen elsewhere on a smaller scale in Syria today – minority is ruling a majority and screwing them over. The majority has gotten sick of it and is revolting. Pretty soon, it’ll be Buh-Bye, Assad. We saw it in South Africa, too. Majorities eventually get tired of being boinked and rise up, usually causing a lot of death and destruction in the process.

Today, America is increasingly heading towards minority rule – a small group of wealthy individuals are using the tax code to their benefit, buying our “representatives”, using their ownership of the media to give us the mushroom treatment, rigging elections, and so on. Pretty much the same thing as Caesar and Quadaffi did in their times; and Americans are slowly waking up to this reality. When enough of them get ticked off enough, it will not be pretty.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are both members of this minority. They could be poster children for this group, in fact. They do not understand the lives of ordinary Americans, but they wish to rule a nation full of them.  Say what you will about Obama and Biden (and this writer has said plenty), neither of them was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Hell, half the time they didn’t have silver of any sort, but they each worked their own way up and made themselves successes.

Not Romney. He started rich and got richer. Ditto Ryan. They and their little clique will screw us all over to such an extent that people will start getting really pissed off.  And when that happens, it’ll be Buh-Bye to America as we have known it.  And that would really suck.

Mr. B & C