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Mr. Blunt and Cranky does not believe in coincidence in general, and he sure as H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks doesn’t believe in it today:

On the same day that ol’ Willie M. Romney was a-campaignin’ in Ohio, the owner of an Ohio mine announced it was closing, and blamed it on Obama.  At the same time Willie was talking about Obama’s “War on Coal”. Oh, and shortly thereafter, making a speech praising said mine owner for…well apparently s***-canning some workers and blaming Obama, thus (hopefully) getting the Repubs some more votes.

All on the same day, in the same area, for the benefit of the same political party. Coincidence?  This writer does not think so. Especially given the fact that Bob  Murray, the mine owner in question, is the murderous scumbucket operator of the Crandall Canyon Mine: you know, the one that killed nine brave, hard-working Americans in 2007. Said killings due to flagrant safety violations, deregulation and lax oversight by MSHA under the Repub Bush Administration.

Killing workers or taking away their jobs, then bragging about it. THAT, if you like, is what Right Wing Republicans offer the middle class,

Mr. B & C

So, ol’ Willie has done picked himself a Veep-To-Be, and it is that famous Deficit Hawk Paul Ryan.  Teabaggers are happier than clams, and pundits of all stripes are having themselves lots of fun yammering away. Mister Blunt and Cranky, being a big pay-as-you-go fan (AKA a hater o’ deficits), might be happy as well, but he knows a bit too much about the real Paul Ryan, the one who acts like a deficit hawk  but in fact picks our pockets like the two-faced master thief that he is.

(Feel free to Googlify all these claims if you don’t believe The Cranky One, of course): Ryan voted for all of Bush The Dumber’s deficit-creating budgets that wiped out a previous surplus; he voted for TARP, which added to the Bush deficit, and voted for the auto bailout, which bloated the Bush deficit even further.  Ryan a deficit hawk? Feh.

Adding insult to injury, Ryan is also a classic D.C thief: stealing money from our pockets to line his own. How can this be said? Easily, it turns out: look at 2011 and the budget he pushed:

Short version for the link-averse: Paul Ryan pushed a budget that would give tens of billions of dollars in handouts to the Oil Bidness. Such is business as usual in D.C., the Fossil Boys spend thousands buying politicians so they can get those billions. What makes this case different is that Ryan’s budget also paid off for his own family, who own land that is being drilled by the beneficiaries of the budget Ryan wrote.

Just to make this crystal–clear: Ryan wrote a budget that would take money from our pockets and transfers it to his bank account, and to those of his family. He is robbing all us “Peters” to pay, well, Paul (himself). In 2009, he and his wife pocketed $ 117,000.00 from his Big Oil Buddies, and another $60,000.00 in 2010.

Get the picture? This “deficit hawk” is nothing more than a typical Washington crook with a great bulls*** story. He wants to take away the benefits that we pay for with our tax dollars, steal the money saved, and put it in his pockets and those of his cronies. Oh, and he’ll further bloat the deficit he claims to want to cut. It’s just another con-artist politico, shoveling fertilizer at us and calling it caviar. A vote for Romney is a vote for Ryan, and a vote for Ryan gives him permission to steal your money and keep it for himself.

Mr. B & C.