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Yes, that’s right: one of Willard’s fave tax dodges has milked the Mormon Church’s coffers while paying Romney dividends AND cutting his own taxes (for 15 years):

Even for a sleazebucket like Mitt, this is truly epic sleazebucketry: stealing money  from  one’s own church AND the rest of us taxpayers. Oh, sure, he might maybe make it up later somehow someday someway.  And it was legal when he first set it up (this type of dodge was made illegal a few months later).

But any way you look at it, this is the behavior of a monetary sociopath.If he’ll steal from God, imagine what he’ll do to YOU.

Mr. B & C

P.S.: You’ll have noticed the snarky, rude phraseology in today’s post. Mr. Blunt and Cranky is returning to his normal programming mode after realizing that he just has no game when it comes being something other than, well, blunt and cranky.

The Crown O’ Polished Turds for this here week goes to the Romney Campaign. In a truly epic bit of fertilizer-slinging, he claims that ObamaCare (nee’ RomneyCare) is a war on religion, and that RomneyCare (now ObamaCare) is not.

This is such an enormous heap of bulls***, Mr. Blunt and Cranky is inserting polished bull turds into this week’s crown. Massachusetts had requirements for churchish organizations to provide birth control, and ol’ Willie M. Romney made no fuss: nor did he screech when the Bushies enforced the same rule during the early Oughts.

If the rules are essentially the same, then the effects are essentially the same. And that means: if that nasty dark-skinned socialist Prexy is a-wagin’ war on religion; why then, so too were the idiot coke-head fake Texan, and the mutant-haired Mormon tax-shelter junkie.

Somebody goose that gander Mitt, and let him know that he is a fierce anti-Christian warrior, too. Onward, lying soldiers, marching…

Mr. B & C