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New Jersey’s Governor is a vengeful, rage-filled bully with a room-temperature emotional IQ. All of these negative characteristics are on full display as the Bridgegate scandal unfolds. For those readers who aren’t familiar with it: Christie had his minions close parts of a vital bridge on order to get payback when a Democratic mayor did not endorse the Repub Guv’s recent reelection bid. He deliberately and knowingly endangered people, property, lives and livelihoods, wasted many taxpayer dollars and cost hundreds of businesses many thousands of dollars, all because he had a temper tantrum. His lackeys are being subpoenaed by the state, and are (when they can be found) testifying to just that effect.

Adding to the scrutiny, the Feds are asking just what the Mouth that Roared was up to. From the article:

In a letter to Port Authority Board Chairman David Sampson, Rockefeller wrote: “Unwarranted lane closures with no public notice can have serious ramifications on interstate commerce and safety in the region, and as the Committee with oversight responsibility of the Port Authority, I continue to have serious concerns about the actions of this agency. The gravity of this situation demands a comprehensive investigation. It also exacerbates my concerns with the governance and previous oversight of the Port Authority.”
Rockefeller also wrote to US Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx Monday urging that the federal agency open its own inquiry into the Port Authority.

And this emotional infant, who thinks only of ignoring, abusing, mocking or intimidating those who don’t bow and scrape before him, who put an entire region at risk of calamity if a disaster or terrorist attack had occurred during these ill-advised closures… This hotheaded son of two strangers wants to be the President of the United States. The one person in the world who can launch a nuclear attack on his own. That is NOT a good idea, Cranky Nation.

We allowed an immature, spoiled, petulant, willfully pig-ignorant hothead to run this country before: his name was George W. Bush. Remember how well that worked out? Billions of dollars stolen and wasted, crimes committed, thousands of lives lost, all because America sat back and let him have free reign to unleash his temper tantrums upon a world that didn’t need or deserve them.

It’s bad enough that the voters of New Jersey got conned into electing Chris Christie again. But let’s stop there. We don’t need another vengeful, impetuous, angry idiot in the White House.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

“Go big or go home”, people say, and this was a lie of Titanic proportions: Chris Christie, who despite his name is not the least bit Christlike, shut down most traffic on a bridge to punish a mayor for not kissing his Christie Joisey ass.

Commuters. Fire trucks. Ambulances. Commercial vehicles. All made to wait in a partisan traffic jam.

And the Guv? Why, he is lying like the big ol’ sack of s*** that he is. The fact that an old high-school buddy ordered the closure? Coincidence. And the fact that said buddy is now off to parts unknown? Another coinkeedink. Thus spake the Christie.

Of course, the truth is already coming out. And hopefully all the fools he fooled and all the gullible twits he gulled will remember this moment before they are dumb enough to vote for this Lying Sack of S*** again.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

P.S. Another load of lies from Mr. C:

This past Sunday, people died in Japan when a highway tunnel collapsed:     The highway department was short of money, and had kinda sorta maintained, repaired, and inspected the tunnel. Unfortunately,  the people who were killed are not kinda sorta dead. They are just plain dead.

Not long ago, a railroad bridge in New Jersey collapsed, and toxic chemicals spewed into a creek and beyond. The bridge is old, and had been kinda sorta patched up after the last time it collapsed in 2009 :   Unfortunately, the people living a few yards from the bridge, the companies who depend on getting their goods to market, and the animals and plants in the stream aren’t kinda sorta messed up: they have been well and truly screwed.

All around the world, governments are putting our safety, health, and indeed our very lives at risk by neglecting our infrastructure. Yes, yes, money’s tight; but they seem to have no difficulty coming up with megabucks for their bagmen, contributors, family members, or themselves. They just ignore the unglamorous things that don’t feed their egos and bank accounts, and hope that somebody else will deal with them.

News Flash, a**holes: it’s government’s f***ing job to take care of government’s responsibilities. How many people have to die; how many jobs must be destroyed; how much of our world has to be trashed before we, the citizens of planet Earth hold our “representatives” accountable for their greed, arrogance, and criminal negligence?

Do us all a favor and pass this message along to them: it is their job to take care of their jobs. And no one else will do it. And until they do it, people are going to keep on dying.

And the needless, wasted, tragic blood of those innocents will forever stain the hands of governments.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky