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How quickly we forget, amongst the current din of Liberal-bashing: ’twas only a few years ago that G. Gordon Liddy (he of Watergate and Steely Dan infamy) said, and we quote him verbatim:

Now if the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms comes to disarm you and they are bearing arms, resist them with arms. Go for a head shot; they’re going to be wearing bulletproof vests. … They’ve got a big target on there, ATF. Don’t shoot at that, because they’ve got a vest on underneath that. Head shots, head shots…. Kill the sons of bitches.

That is a right-wing thought leader and convicted felon saying things that far exceed anything that, say, Obama, DiBlasio or LeBron have said about cops. That is not someone asking for Justice: it is a mainstream “Republican” advocating the wholesale execution of law enforcement personnel. A Nixon Repub salivating over the possible bodies of dead police. And he is not alone:

How about Teapublican Craven Cliven Bundy acolyte Jerad Miller, who actually ambushed and murdered two innocent cops in Las Vegas?
Or Larry McQuilliams, who shot up a Texas courthouse and was, yes, a Republican, Teabagger-on-steroids, right-winger?

Do you hear about the manifold anti-cop words and deeds of Teapublicans like these today, Gentle Reader? No, you don’t. You hear a pack of lies and selective omissions about liberals and people of color, who supposedly hate cops, that is what you hear. And it is ALL you hear.

Never mind that DiBlasio already gave the NYPD $400,000,000.00 in EXTRA funding, in less than a year. Nearly half a billion ADDITIONAL DOLLARS to the NYPD from the mayor the NYPD union blames for the killings of two officers. Screw the soundbites, that is supporting the cops. But do the Raging Righties in their Tightie Whities acknowlowledge this? Of course not.

It’s one thing to call for Justice, as people in the Center and the Left have been doing. That is constitutionally-protected free speech and is not violent. Indeed, it is aimed at the same ends pushed by honest cops and prosecutors: a fair, just, and orderly society. One in which the police are our public servants and we their supporters.

But when Right-Wing Jackalopes like Fox News talking heads and other Repubs (like Police Union Chiefs in St. Louis, Cleveland, and New York) blame people of color, liberals and non-Wingnut politicians for the killings of cops, it is not aimed at justice. Not at all. It is “Republicans” trying to use the dead bodies of Americans for political advantage.

Like Bush did after he crawled out of his hole after 9/11 and many occasions therafter, it is what Repubs do these days. A sort of political necrophila, in which the dead are merely tools to be used for partisan advantage. Ghoulish, revolting, disrespectful behavior that SHOULD be beyond the pale. But, alas, in these sorry times, nothing is too extreme, too disgusting, too taboo for a “Republican” to say or do in the pursuit of his or her own power and wealth.

Those two dead cops deserve better. So do Brown, Gardner and other murdered police and civilians. They are, all of them, deserving of justice; not having their corpses used for the profit and pleasure of Right-Wing Necrophiliacs.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

The Twitterverse exploded with the slime and garbage from stupid, ignorant, bigoted American f*** wits this past weekend, as an Indian-American woman won the Miss American pageant. Nina Davuluri, born in Syracuse NY, is according to the meth-mouthed, inbred, and generally useless subhumans who tweeted their racist s*** after she won, a terrorist convenient store clerk whose coronation is a slap in the faces of all Americans.  Here is what she actually looks like:


As to what the Twittering Twits said, well, it comes down to her being “Arab”, or “Al-Quaida”, or “7/11” or some such crap. Christ on a pogo stick, these alleged “Americans” make you want to puke. They:
Number A, can’t tell one non-lily-white person from another;
Letter 2, think all non-lily-white people are terrorists, and;
Thirdly, think that only white women, (preferably rednecks) should be crowned as Miss America.

On the one side, props to the pageant for NOT awarding the crown based on skin color. On  the other, bricks upside the head to the millions of racist jackasses who hate swarthy people. And huge props to Ms. Davuluri for showing amazing class in dealing with the bigoted fools who have trumpeted messages of hate towards her.

Of all the fallout from the Bushistas’ bungling, un-Constitutional handling of the terrorist threats of this new century, the racist and cultural aspects are perhaps the most insidious and pernicious. Americans have been taught to distrust anyone with dark or darkish skin, who comes from a different country, who has a different name for God, or is in any way not a white American of North European extraction.  That is much harder to undo than, say, the “Patriot” Act or any of its many illegitimate children.

“E Pluribus Unum”; that is our national motto. It means, “Out of many, One”. Kinda hard to do that when we exclude most of the “many”, now, isn’t it?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky