At least, that’s this writer’s theory du jour: if people commit a crime and get punished, well then, society is showing that crime is unacceptable. Conversely, if people commit a crime and get little or no punishment, well, society is showing that it doesn’t really care much about that crime.

An example (one of many): a high-school kid was raped and then blamed for being raped. Yep, kinda like Steubenville, Torrington, or one of the hundreds of other cities where this type of behavior goes on. In Norwood, Colorado, a kid was assaulted, bound, and raped by his team mates, who then bragged about it.

The perps got slapped on the wrists, while the victim and his family were hounded out of town. The criminals were supported, and their victims were punished. People in Norwood made Steubenville and Torrington look downright enlightened by comparison:

“After the arrests, Jessica Bicknase, identified in a police report as the mother of one of the accused, paid to print t-shirts that bore a slogan using the initials of the suspects. Bicknase declined to comment.

A dozen students wore the t-shirts to school one Friday, and someone posted a sign with the same wording on the locker of the victim’s brother, according to the police report, which was reviewed by Bloomberg. Students who wore the t-shirts told police they wanted to support their friends. The victim told investigators he didn’t understand why his friends would support people who attacked him”


While the 7th-grade victim didn’t require medical attention after the attack, he soon found himself repeatedly teased by students.

“They would say, ‘What’s been stuck up your butt today?”’ said his mother. “Things were posted on Facebook, like ‘Rot in hell, liar!”’

This is happening all across America: kids get raped, and our “justice system” either sides with the rapists, or winks at them while it pretends to mete out punishment. Time after time it happens, and we say, “my town is different”. The sad reality is that your town most likely is not different. Nor is the town this writer lives in. No, America loves them some rapists, and hates them some rape victims. Everyone decries it, but it keeps happening. All across the country.

S***, even Serena Williams laid out some rapist-loving, victim-blaming bulls*** this week. She thought that the poor iddy biddy wapists in Steubenville got treated too harshly, and blamed the girl they raped: Really? What an asshole is Serena. Would to God that she were an exception, but she’s more likely the rule.

This writer suggests we do at least one thing like they do it in China: China executes official for child rapes. Yes, they just put a guy to death for being a serial child rapist. That may seem draconian, but China is at least sending a clear message: Rape is Bad. How crazy is the world when a human-rights cesspool like Red China has its criminal justice s** together then does the USA?

If we really laid out some punishments: castration, execution, life at hard labor, something commensurate with the crime, maybe these sick f***s would less likely to commit sex crimes. And maybe if the perps are punished, America will be less supportive of rapists. And maybe, just maybe, less hateful to the victims of these horrible crimes.

Because America, sad to say, needs to be taught that rape is a bad thing. Christ in a pickle jar, what a sick and twisted load of jackasses we are here.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky