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Number A: It is market-based, using the power of competition to lower prices and offer better quality. Republicans love that sort of free-market solution.

Letter 2: It is reducing the Federal Budget Deficit, which means a reduction in the increase of the National Debt. Republicans love deficit and debt reduction.

Thirdly: It takes a whole raft of people who have been “free riders” and makes them pay for  their health care. Republicans love individual responsibility.

Finally: ObamaCare was originally created by the Heritage Foundation, a Republican think tank.

Kind of hard to hard to argue with, innit? These are all Republican ideas, enacted by a Democratic Prexy and a Democratic Congress. Why, any real Republican would be in seventh Heaven over it all.

So, that means anyone who claims to be a Republican but hates ObamaCare must not be a real Republican. Indeed, they would be “Republicans” in name only. That’s pretty much what this writer (along with millions of disaffected moderate Repubs) has been saying since, oh, about 1979 or so. The party that calls itself “Republican” is in fact going berserk, trying to destroy a health care policy that it should be embracing.

Your Cranky correspondent, as an Independent, hasn’t got a dog (or Jackass, or elephant) in either the intermural or intramural partisan fighting that sucks up so  much valuable time and so many limited resources. But he DOES have an interest in a sane, open, transparent health care system in this country that we all share. And these fake “Republicans” are getting in the way of that worthy goal.

To all the real Republicans who are still out there: do us all a favor and kick these Reaganista charlatans out of your party, and take it back. Please. Then we can all return to a bunch of rational grownups running the show, having meaningful debates, reaching compromises, and just generally governing according to the rule of law and basic principles.

Instead of just mindlessly, reflexively hating anything and everything that comes from a Black President, even if the original idea was from Repubs in the first place. Which is exactly what “Republicans” are doing with ObamaCare.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Your humble correspondent had a snarky little revelation this morning: two words, seemingly quite different, but with a single meaning:

CONstipation: can’t pass anything
CONgress: can’t pass anything

In both cases, the inability to “pass” can be because of an obstruction, or a result of stuffing one’s self full of unhealthy junk that has no substantive value.

In both cases, the inability to “pass” can make a person crabby. Also, their discomfort can cause some odd facial expressions:
imagesCAWFGL7K imagesCAH73C25

Nope, not a coincidence at all. Ladies and gentlemen, the reason our Congress can’t do much of anything: they are, literally and figuratively, full of s***.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Yes, the idiots at the Internal Revenue Service who are responsible for this idiocy need investigated and dealt with. But trying to tie this to the Prexy is nonsense. Here’s why:

Number A: the man in charge of the IRS when the activity was actually going on was an appointee of Bush The Dumber, held over while Obama tried to get Senate “Republicans” to confirm a new guy. The Bushie quit after a stop was put to the scandal crap.

Letter 2: the Obama administration still does not have one of their appointees in charge, because the aforementioned Repubs have blocked his nominees. So we’ve never had an Obaminoid in charge of the IRS, and that is the fault of the Puerile Pachyderms.

This means, Gentle Reader, that if one wishes to blame anyone at the top, that blame must be placed upon the Teapublicans.

Here’s a buck saying they never admit it. Any takers?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Today is yet another day of Federal Failure. Like Groundhog Day, Partisanship is resulting in repeated crises of its own manufacture, proving to everyone but the incurable lemmings among us that the political parties have destroyed our institutions, subverted our processes, stolen our money and generally put America on life support.

We were warned by some among the Founders that this might happen, President Washington among them. And it has indeed happened, as he foretold.

Don’t believe it? Name a governmental problem or crisis that does not have the word “partisan” associated therewith. Go on, we can wait all day. But here’s a bet that you can’t find one.

You can blame one party or the other, say that one is worse than the other, and you may be right. But the simple fact is: without parties, none of the crap that is used to manipulate us, rob us, divide us, and create manufactured crises would exist. The parties are the problem.

If each and every American would free their mind and renounce partisan affiliation, activities, and financial support, we could force the change that our nation, states, counties and localities deserve. This writer has been living so since 1976, and it has saved him much money while allowing votes for the best candidate, never mind the label attached.

If there was ever a day for Americans to wake up and smell the stench emitted by the corrupt, venal, disgusting and manipulative two-party system, today is it. Put your principles over your party. The nation you save might be your own.

Mr. B & C

Congresscritters are, as we know, are regarded very poorly by the public they allegedly “serve”: so poorly, they are ranked just barely above Ebola. Both parties in Congress are so viewed, although “Republicans” are ranked as the lowest of the low.

That being the case, the Boehner Brigade and Marching McConnells are trying to figure out how to change their image, without having to change anything that they say or do. Sort of like re-naming sewage as “treatable water”.

They would do well to remember the results of a recent Mythbusters episode:

They found that you CAN, indeed, polish a turd.

However, it still looked like a piece of s***.

Mr. B & C

Much has been made of the Prexy’s successes with foreign policy –  killing Osama Bin Laden, withdrawing our combat troops from Iraq, tap-dancing through the minefield that has been the Arab Spring, trade deals, sanctions, lots of stuff there to crow about. Mind you, the d***ed fool almost never does, but that’s a topic for another day.

So why do things suck so badly at home, compared to overseas? The answer is very simple: legislative opposition has a huge impact on domestic policy, so the “Republicans” can stop the President from getting much of anything done at home. And, as they have said from their own mouths, their number one priority has been to make sure President Obama has no accomplishments during his term, so as to get their own party back in the Oval Office.

Mister Blunt and Cranky has yet to see this point made in the media, so he shall do it himself: In areas where the “Republican” party has more influence, the country is held hostage to their lust for power and control, and we really don’t know if Obama’s ideas are good or bad. In areas where the “Republicans”  have less influence, we can see the President’s agenda at work.

So, the “Republicans” want to make the election about the economy, since they have been able to f*** that up and hopefully pin the blame on the Donkeys (as it were). We should look past the spin of the party bosses and look at the results achieved by the Legislative and Executive branches over the past 3+ years: by so doing, we can see that the President’s agenda, when it is allowed to work, does so fairly well.

Want more results? In the next four years? Elect fewer Republicans.

Mr. B & C