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As you know, seven third-graders died in a massive tornado in their elementary school this week: they were suffocated by their school building when it collapsed on them. They died because, and only because, the cheap-ass mother***ers who built their schools decided not to spend money on storm shelters.

Moore’s mayor has seen the light, and is demanding that replacement buildings have storm shelters. One might think that was common sense, and one would be right.

But alas, common sense is anything but common: Moore’s city manager (Steve Eddy) hates the idea: he says that locals don’t like people telling them what to do. Really, Steve? Somebody has to tell you to protect children? Christ on a pogo stick.

He also says that while “you can’t count the value or cost of lives”, “you can count the cost of construction”, and that “homebuilders are influential”. Translation: “it’s better to let kids get killed than it is to spend money to protect them”. Christ on an electric pogo stick.

Mr. Eddy represents everything that is wrong with the Teabaggers and Wingnut “Republicans”: all they care about is slashing services to the community and transferring our tax dollars to their fat-cat buddies. They do. not. care. if our kids die (or if we do). 

Do you care about the lives of children? Here’s Stevie-boy’s phone number: (405) 793-5200.

Let the stupid, heartless bastard know what you think.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Much justified anger has been leveled at the legislators who voted against funding for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, and then turned around and yelled for help when THEIR states needed disaster relief. Some people are even hacked off enough to say “no aid for those states, teach them a lesson”, and other such revolting statements.

Both Oklahoma Senators (Coburn and Inhofe) voted against such relief and are now in a bind: a bind because their own state now needs one whole helluva lot of relief after the recent spate of tornados:

Truly a couple of dickwads, and they deserve to get dejobbed after the next election. But their constituents deserve our help just as much as the victims of Sandy, Katrina, and other natural disasters.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky