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Here is but one example of such “news” coverage:

: President Barack Obama’s limp foreign policy, his “leading from behind,” and his failure to project American power and influence to areas of our strategic importance has been a virtual invitation to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin to intervene in Ukraine’s unstable political situation and extend the former USSR’s dominion over its former client states.

And this fool isn’t the only one. From Righties like David Brooks on across the ocean of political looniness, there is a collective delusion about the American President’s supposed culpability for the actions of the KGB butcher who is treating Ukrainians as he previously did the Georgians. The only difference is the motivations of the critics.

On the Right, the “reason” can be boiled down to the above quote, and its underlying conceit: that Obama is insufficiently like Bush the Lesser. The Raging Righties in their Tightie Whities think that a Prexy must be a warmonger.

On the Left, the “reason” it’s Obama’s fault is: “because Snowden”. Pooty-Poot gave little Eddie sanctuary from the eeeeeevil authoritarian Obaminator, so Putin just has to be a good guy, even when he invades a sovereign state, because Snowden.

Neither side’s case is logical, sensible, or indeed articulate. Vlad the Impaler 2.0 is invading the Ukraine for reasons based in his Soviet-era ideology, and he’d do the same thing regardless of who happened to be in the Oval Office. Putin. Does. Not. Care. What. Anybody. Else. Thinks.

You can blame Obama for lots of things, but not Putin’s invasion of a foreign nation. That blame rests with Putin, and with Putin alone.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

P.S. It has been pointed out that the Righties are far more into the Obama-bashing on this topic than are the Left, and that this post made it appear equivalent. My apologies. The Right Wingnuts are far more obnoxious, frequent, and extreme than the Left.

This is how Vlad wants you to see him:


And this is what he actually is, and does:


Always remember, Gentle Reader: Putin was the head of the KGB back in Soviet times. That means he was in charge of torture, genocide, murder, and brutal suppression of any tiny hint of dissent.

From recent events, it is clear that he hasn’t changed a bit, no matter how many nipple shots the scumbucket butcher shows us:


Mr. Blunt and Cranky

20140219-075759.jpg That is a picture of one small part of the people’s uprising against the Government of Putin-Puppet Yanukovic. He took power in a rigged election, imprisoned his predecessor, and started to run his country like his KGB boss Vladimir told him to. Now the whole country is in a meltdown.

At least 25 are dead, hundreds imprisoned, and thousands injured in their fight against the nouveau Soviet state that Putin is helping to set up. The Ukrainian Olympic athletes are being muzzled to an extent, so as to keep the coverage of the games all light and fluffy, but they are sending out tweets of support and consolation to their countrymen back home.

Remember, folks, while we are looking at Sochi, Putin and his pals are murdering their subjects over in Kiev. Enjoy the skiing and skating, but we can multitask: let us also stand with the brave citizens of the Ukraine as they fight for their freedom. Freedom that they already fought for, and thought they had won.

Stand with them, because the same could happen to us someday.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky