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They’re at it again, America’s most ridiculous batch of ass-backwards Robbing Hoods. Ohio (completely controlled by the Elephants, no Democrats to blame) “legislators” are out to bone the majority in order to redistribute our money to their fat-cat cronies. And the worst of it is, they’ve done the exact same thing before.

You see, back under the regime of self-confessed and convicted criminal Bob Taft, Ohio Repubs passed a tax cut for the rich, paid for by jacking up the sales tax. Said sales tax being paid in large measure by the poor and middle class. The largest tax increase (in dollars) in the history of Ohio.

One more time: Republicans rammed through the largest tax increase in history. Yes, Republicans. Look it up. And they took from the working people and the poor, to give to the rich.

At least, it’s the largest one so far. This one might f*** us all even worse. Crowns O’ Polished Turds all ’round the Statehouse, to decorate the s***head ‘Phants that are looting us all to feather their own nests.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

As Mr. Blunt and Cranky has previously opined, the 2012 national election results were a sight for sore eyes: the nation administered the gentlest of bitch-slaps to DC “Republicans” by electing just a few more Democrats. That’ll make it a bit harder for the Boehner Brigade and McConnell Minions to run roughshod over the wishes of the American majority. This should enable a wee bit of bipartisanship. Yay.

Ohio voters, on the other hand, displayed their usual blend of stupidity and selective amnesia by putting one party in complete and absolute control of the government. Yes, a purple state decided to make its government as red as red can get.

This after the Repubs did the following to the Buckeye State within the past two years: handed millions of dollars of public money to a bunch of Kasich’s cronies with no oversight; tried to screw police officers and firefighters out of their benefits; tried to restrict the right to vote; allowed gas wells to be drilled almost anywhere, including next to school playgrounds; and cut the budgets for almost everyone except buddies of Repub politicos. (Note: this is not a complete list.)

So after being boned in such a blatant manner, what did a large percentage of Ohioans do? Why, they decided to elect even more Repubs, so we can can get reamed even more frequently than we are already.

As the song says, “Eh, oh, way to go Ohio”. What a bunch of buffoons we are.

Mr. B & C