Mr. Blunt and Cranky was not surprised at Speaker John Boehner’s weekend statement announcing that banning abortion was his priority in 2013. Disgusted, yes. But not surprised. Anyone who thought the “Republican” party had learned thing one from the shellacking they took last fall should now be on notice that their hopes have been dashed.

After riding a tsunami of vituperative, irrational, ill-considered and short-sighted (Mr. Magoo could see farther than these yutzes can) rhetoric and actions for the past 4+ years, the Repubs have clearly decided that they are going to stick with that “strategy”, even though it has led to failure across the nation. So, what screwed the pooch the hardest in 2012? Culture-war issues. So of course, Johnny Boehner is going there again.

When we have: a resurgent Al-Qaida; millions of people unemployed; starving children; foreign wars; crumbling highways; a shortage of qualified technical workers; a raging deficit; and a host of other issues that the rest of the country agrees are important; indeed, the House GOP is so deluded they think we all agree with them about their latter-day-Mrs.-Mao-Culture-Crusade, never mind that the results of the election proved them wrong

Last cycle, the Elephants thought they could whip the Donkeys by manipulating their base and rigging elections. Didn’t work, of course. Any person with half an ounce of objectivity would change things up a bit. But the Boehner Brigade figures they can do the same thing they did before, and maybe B.S. a few Latinos into voting for the GOP, and they’ll be back on top. Eedjits.

You know the stages of grief, right? Well, the ‘Phants are stuck in Denial. The rest of the country can’t afford to be all hippie-dippy, fluffy-bunny, tender and gentle, waiting for them to process and take their own time to heal and grow. We pay these fools to work for us, and there is work that needs doing, and that immediately.

We voters need to administer as many electoral bitch-slaps as possible: stop the rigging attempts, vote out every extremist loon we can, and clog their voice mails and email accounts and offices: tell them that we are sick of their lame-assed attempts to project their attitudes onto the rest of us and to get to work on the stuff the Constitution mandates them to do, instead of crapping all over the Establishment Clause while ignoring the real, unmet needs of our nation.

Mr. B & C