This is beyond belief, even for politicians. You may recall that that Penn State agreed to pay 60 million dollars to a fund that would help the many victims of child sexual abuse committed and/or enabled by their people. Google “Jerry Sandusky” if you need a refresher.

But Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature and Governor, as one of their first acts of business of the year, passed a bill giving themselves the right to steal that money. We repeat: Tom Corbett and his cronies are committing further crimes against abused children.

Regardless of your political views or party affiliation, this writer trusts you are outraged. And if you’re not, it is to be hoped that you have no access to either children or public funds: because anyone who would support these despicable and heinous actions shouldn’t even be allowed to walk the streets, much less have access to our kids.

It would be no surprise to find out that Corbett and Co. and their supporters are also serial child rapists. After all, who else would support the abuse of children, as they so clearly do?

Mr. B & C