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As noted yesterday, the incredibly misnamed “American Family Association” has decided to blame all sorts of “liberal” organizations for the recent horrific events in Aurora, Colorado: said organizations including Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s ancestral church, which in fact is decidedly NOT liberal (one of its nicknames is “God’s Frozen People”, which should give you a fair idea of how ossified an organization it is).

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. This writer could make the case that the erosion of personal responsibility could just as easily be blamed on groups like the AFA (who blamed “liberals”) and individuals like Russell Pearce (who blamed the theatre audience for not stopping the shooting).

In each case, they shift responsibility away from the actual perpetrator and place it on others.  By so doing, they take the shooter off the hook to some extent: “the shooter was encouraged by (liberals or fake Christians or fill-in-the-blank) to take this action”. 

Firstly, these loudmouths have no idea what was going on the shooter’s mind, so they have no business saying such crap (unless there is case-specific, documented evidence to support what they are saying). Secondly, it creates an environment in which personal responsibility is diminished, because offenses committed by criminals become the fault of said loudmouths’ political and cultural “enemies”.

When everything becomes a tool for partisan advantage (even the acts of criminals and the grief of their victims), we find ourselves in a world that tells would-be mass murderers that they will not bear the blame alone. We tacitly assure these scumbuckets that others will have at least part of the responsibility foisted upon them, whether deservedly or not; all in the service of political gamesmanship.

So, we have shifted the blame from the criminal (and liberals and audience members) to the AFA and Russell Pearce. How’s that shoe feel, now that it is on your foot, gentlemen? Does it fit? Is it comfy? Do you like “wearing” the responsibility for mass murder? No, you say? Imagine that.

Your curmudgeonly neighborhood blogger most humbly suggests that we all shut the f***ing f*** up about how factor x or y is responsible for the actions of criminals (unless there is actual data to support such a claim), and instead let criminals know that they, and they alone, will take all of the blame and bear all of the punishment imposed for their crimes.

Mr. B & C

As someone who was raised in a mainline Protestant family and church, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has to say that Tony Perkins and his posse have absolutely no  business claiming to represent  him, his family, his faith, or indeed American families as a whole. The American Family Association can (and should) re-name themselves something else, like:

  • The Johnny-Come-Lately Denomination Association,
  • The Latter-Day-Pharisees,or
  • The Pompous, Rich, Hypocritical And Bigoted White Men’s Association

The AFA recently responded to the Aurora, CO killings  by blaming, well, pretty much everyone but themselves (and the killer himself, one must note): singling out other churches that are different from theirs for special abuse. In the case of the average schmoe, Mr.  B & C lets that sort of thing go. But not the professionals, who know better  due to their seminary education, but spew their self-righteous hatred anyway.

Short history lesson: when the R.C. Church got too corrupt and full of itself, some of its members asked for reform, and protested when they were kicked out of the church. That is where all Protestant churches came from. The early denominations (Presbyterians, Lutherans and such) got killed, tortured, robbed, and generally had a tough time surviving. But they persevered, and won for the denominations that arose later  the right to worship as they saw fit.

And what gratitude comes from these newer denominations? As when dealing with any spoiled children who have never known want or struggle, what the older churches get in return for their sacrifice is abuse from their offspring. Now, we are being blamed for the acts of a senseless loon with a pile of weaponry.

Memo: the person to blame is the killer. Not the ACLU, or Episcopalians, or gays, or any of the others the AFA routinely demonizes: no,  the killer should be blamed for this. And no one else.

Mr. B & C