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Deny it all you want, but that is what’s happening. In Red states that have refused to take free Federal money for Medicaid expansion, hospitals are closing and babies are dying. Each and every state that is refusing Medicaid Expansion is run by Teabagging “Republicans” who hates them some Obama. Click the links if you don’t believe it. So it’s clear: these slimy creeps are willing to see you and your kids die, so just so they can go “nanny-nanny-boo-boo” to the President of the United States.

You have to wonder why an allegedly “pro-life” party would deliberately ensure the deaths of thousands of people, including infants. One also wonders why a party that loves state-level governance is passing on billions of dollars in free money. The reason is plain and simple: they hate our President and anything that has his name anywhere near it.

Today as this is being written, hospitals are preparing to close. People whose lives could have been saved are dying. And it is for petty political payback, by a bunch of vindictive “Republicans” who are willing to see innocent blood shed in order to inflict harm on our President. That’s a lot of blood on the paws of those scumbag Red politicians.

And if you vote “Republican”, Gentle Reader, there is blood on your hands, too. If you don’t love dead babies, then don’t vote for Repubs. If you don’t like dead senior citizens, don’t vote for Repubs.

If you DO vote for a GOP candidate, you express your support for deliberately causing the death of thousands of your fellow citizens. By your choice we will know you.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Holy Mary, can you believe this crap? This “Republican” is such a racist, anti-American f***wad, even other Teabaggers are disgusted:

ST. PETERSBURG — As Americans honored the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday, a Republican candidate for Florida House District 68 said President Barack Obama should be hanged for war crimes.

“I’m past impeachment,” Joshua Black wrote on Twitter. “It’s time to arrest and hang him high.”

Do you need any more information? Teapublicans are a load of treasonous, racist, murderous louts who need to be voted out of office at every opportunity. Because to elect them is to give them approval.

And unless you like lynching black men, you REALLY shouldn’t approve of racist Teabaggers.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

20140121-083052.jpg Yesterday’s MLK holiday produced the usual passive-aggressive racist twaddle from twits like Sarah Palin, who would like us to believe that there is no more racism in the world, blah blah blah. And we also got extremely aggressive racism from the “fashion and art” world, which decided it was a great day to publish a racist, sexist, forced servitude-endorsing image. Said image being cropped and re-issued after a few thousand people told the editors that the picture was disgusting, but not disavowed or apologized for.

The perpetrator of this outrage is a privileged “socialite” and wife of a Russian criminal gangster oligarch, and she has as yet said nothing about the picture of her scrawny white rich-assed self objectifying, using and degrading black women. But there are only a few reasons for posting such an image:
Number A: to use an offensive image to create publicity,
Letter 2: because she is such a rich little stupid-f*** that she doesn’t even know this is insulting, or
Thirdly: she hates her some black women. Hates them a LOT.

Regardless of her actual reason, the fact that this happened on a holiday that honors a slain civil rights leader shows us that humans have not created a color-blind, classless, or gender-equal world. And as long as a billionaire thinks it acceptable to visually exhibit her “superior” position in the world in such a humiliating, degrading, and arrogant fashion as this, we will continue to inhabit a world that oppresses anyone who is not rich, white, and male.

And to hell with that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

On edit – it appears the “artist” is not happy that the picture got used in this fashion, and a good bit of passive-voice “explanation” has been to the above link, to tell us all how so-not-racist she is. Fair enough. So who DOES bear the blame? Let me know and I’ll update the post accordingly.

His name is not Abdul Ibrahim, it is Andrew Scott Boguslawski. He was caught with weapons, ammo, dozens of bombs, and other tools of the terrorist trade in Ohio a few weeks ago. He looks to be an average American on the surface. The media has been pretty restrained in their reporting, treating it like a normal criminal case. No one is freaking out.

His name is not Muhammed Bin Arjara, it is Mark Kulis. He is one of those “sovereign citizen” nutbars, and was also busted for having illegal weapons and explosives. The media has been pretty restrained in their reporting, treating it like a normal criminal case. No one is freaking out.

His name is not Abou Ben Adhem, it is Chris Christie. His administration put millions of Americans at risk by shutting down part of the George Washington Bridge (a known terrorist target) on 9/11 of last year. The media has been pretty restrained in their reporting, hardly even mentioning the al-Quaida connection at all. No one is freaking out.

But just imagine the hue and cry and universal brouhaha had any of these three mutts been swarthy males with “foreign-sounding” names. The “news” media would be in 24/7 panic-inducing, fear-mongering, hair-on-fire, freakout mode. The cops would be deploying all manner of special weaponry. Americans would be told to use extra caution, to look under our beds, to be “vigilant”.

But since these are honkie dudes with “normal” names, America pretty much yawns.

Gentle Reader, this is nonsense. The skin color of someone who does you harm makes no difference whatsoever when you are lying in an ambulance or morgue. And paying undue attention to someone’s skin color or religious background when trying to decide if they are a threat makes it far more likely that somebody else you aren’t looking at will blow you to Kingdom come.

Or, of course, the whole “Global War on Terror” schtick could just be a con job, a cynical manipulation of the public so as to enrich the rich and gull the gullible; and maybe we should just calm down and treat all terrorists as common criminals, like we are those two lily-white curs in Ohio… Naah. Couldn’t be.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

2013 was a year of amazing stupidity, and this writer is glad its death is nigh. One of the dumbest things of this dumb year was the notion that White America was under attack (along with Christian America). Never mind that white Christians are in control of American government, business and media, have been for some time, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Here is some Cranky History: the family has been here since at least 1774. That means we were here when most of the land was being stolen from the original inhabitants. White Americans raping, killing, stealing, and committing genocide against the legitimate owners of this country. And even if my ancestors did not commit any of these atrocities with their own hands, they certainly benefited from them. As all white Americans do to this day.

Some of my ancestors lived in border states during the Civil War, which was when White Americans killed Americans of all colors in order to keep the right to rape, enslave, torture and murder their slaves. And even if my ancestors did not commit any of these atrocities with their own hands, they certainly benefited from them. As all white Americans do to this day.

Today, America is becoming a majority minority nation: that means that White America will become less powerful and eventually have to suck it up and be equal with the others we have been raping, killing and stealing from for all these years. Not superior to them, but equal to them. You know, like the Constitution says.

And speaking as a White American who can lay claim to the dubious honor of being a direct descendant of the original White Americans, that is a very good thing. Because looking at our conduct over the centuries, we really shouldn’t be in charge of much of anything. Unless you LIKE rape, genocide, thievery, murder, torture, and general crimes against humanity.

If you support the idea of White America, you support those crimes. And on behalf of myself and my part-Shawnee spouse (there, friends, is an example of spiritual awesomeness), f*** anybody and everybody who is in favor of White Supremacy, or any other skin-color-based horses*** like that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

And it isn’t like they are trying to hide it. From the “Republican” party official who derides Democrats and “lazy blacks”, to the jackass waving a confederate flag at our black President, to the Congresscritter who compared Obama with a tar baby, the racism is out there and man, there’s a helluva lot of it.

Hell, even the KKK says that these Repubs and Teabaggers are racists. When people who count “racist” as a compliment call someone a racist, you can take that to the bank.

Not liking Obama does not make one a racist (this writer doesn’t, and isn’t, respectively). Saying racist s***, doing racist s***, and supporting racist s*** heads makes one a racist. And that is what these “conservative”, “Republican”, teabag-devouring, mouth-breathing fools with room-temperature IQs are. Racists.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Much hoo has been ballied and wroth been waxed over the new Cheerios commercial featuring three actors representing a family with different skin colors. Indeed, at crazy sites like this one, the racist loons are predicting the imminent demise of “white America” and other such hysterical hate-filled rants.

People, it’s just a standard cereal commercial: precocious kid, smart mom, clueless dad. General Mills, Quaker et al have been using this ad format for decades now, and not for purposes of social engineering; no, they make advertisements in order to sell products. That is how businesses make money, ya know.

And businesses are here to make money. That is the only reason most businesses exist: to turn a profit. Advertising helps increase profits. That’s it. The only reason for the ad. Ain’t another one. Profit is why that ad was made.

“So why”, we hear you ask, “did Cheerios cast people who look like a ‘mixed-race’ family”? Very simple: there are one whole helluva lot of such families in America, and when people see themselves represented in advertisements, they tend to buy the advertised product. That’s why you see white folk, Latinos, gays, men, women, youngsters, oldsters…lots of different types of consumers in ads: to make a connection with a market segment.

So calm down, all you outraged Wingnuts and racists. It’s all about making money. The cereal companies don’t care if we all turn beige or any other color, so long as we keep buying the stuff they advertise.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky is the story of the all-white prom recently held on behalf of all the Klan Wannabees at Wilcox County High School in Georgia.  Here is a snippet from the CBS News article (link above):

“Despite the students holding a prom designed to include everybody, CBS Atlanta News discovered the “white” prom still took place. It was held in Fitzgerald, Georgia, on April 20. No one confirmed it was a “white-only” event, but dozens of Caucasian kids, dressed in prom gowns and tuxes, attended. CBS Atlanta News never saw anyone of color the entire night.

Most of the attendees refused to talk to CBS Atlanta News. They, instead, ignored our questions or spoke angrily. “Lady, get out of my face,” snapped one father when asked why he was there.

Another father threatened to sue CBS Atlanta News, and yet another ordered us to turn-off our cameras. At one point, the police were even called even though we were breaking no laws by remaining outside of the event on a public sidewalk.”

That, Gentle Reader, is proof that we are not in a “post-racial” world, no matter how many people would have us believe otherwise. There are loads of idiotic, mouth-breathing, hate-ridden bigoted f***wits out there who hate other people because of their gender, skin color, and other factors.

We still need to support all those who fight against the pond scum who organized and attended this “We Hate Black People Prom”. One group of fearless warriors can be found, also in Wilcox County, GA: they held an integrated prom, in spite of horrible threats, abuse and harassment. 

Georgia’s Governor, obviously either scared of these latter-day Klansmen or one of them himself, tacitly endorsed the illegal and unconstitutional segregation by refusing to support integration of the school dances. And he is not alone.

Segregation is alive and well in America, and it is time we all woke up and put a stop to it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky


This is the “White History” Facebook page, a page which claims not to be racist. Nonono, they are not racist at all, notatallnonono, they are are merely providing a resource for the “oppressed white people of America” or some such nonsensical twaddle. Jesus f***ing Christ in a teapot, really?

Come on, people, we honkies are in no way, shape or form victims, and bulls*** pages like this one are based on a delusional, crybaby wahwahwah version of reality that has nothing to do with facts. White people own the majority of the nation’s wealth, we own the institutions and have the power in almost every aspect of American life. We don’t need a “white history month”, because 90% of history is already about white people.

So why have such a page, then? One word: racism. Stop cowering, ferchrissakes, man, buck up. Own it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has some hilljack relatives still living in hollers, and they are some racist mofos, make no bones about it. But they, unlike these wussie-boys on Facebook and elsewhere own their racism. They admit to hating “them n*****s, spics, wops and chinks”, and think they should all “go back where they came from”. Disgusting, yes (we are not close to that part of the family, to put it mildly), but honest.

There’s a lot of girly-men (likeBrad Paisley, who, quivering little daisies that they are, want to keep their racism without having to admit to it. They can call it “accidental”, they can call it “white history”, but that is a load of bull by-products. They are racists.

Almost everyone knows that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol, just like the Swastika is. If you wear either, you are wearing a racist symbol. And that makes you a racist.

An old saying:”lie to everyone but your doctor or your lawyer”. To that we should add “or yourself”. If you are going to be a racist, you should at least have the testicular fortitude to admit it to yourself. Because the rest of us can see that you are a racist. And a coward.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This is a news story about a stupid, bigoted,ignorant, traitorous right-wing scumball who wants the President dead. His pickup truck has a spray-painted sign on the side that reads: “Lee Harvey Oswald where are you when we need U”.

Pretty clear: he is advocating the murder of a sitting President. Of course, when asked about it, “Chuck” tried to weasel out, but like most of his ilk was not convincing.

This kind of un-American crap has got to stop. This writer sincerely hopes that the horse’s ass who wrote that sign gets enough negative feedback that he learns to be a true patriot who supports our Constitutional government and lives by its laws.

Because right now, he is an advocate of terrorism. And if we learned nothing else from Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden, we should at least have learned to have a zero-tolerance policy towards those who want to destroy our way of life, and the government that makes it possible.

Mr. B & C