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People can really make you want to puke sometimes. Rehtaeh Parsons was gang-raped by her classmates: the community and the Mounties did nothing. Then she was subjected to so much abuse and bullying that she killed herself, the community played chorus, and the Mounties didn’t do much of anything. Now the rapists and their supporters in the community are STILL trying to make it all her fault via Facebook pages and flyers stuck to utility poles. And the Mounties, again, do nothing.

This is what happens to rape victims. It happens every day. The only difference in this case is that the parents are demanding justice, and Anonymous is helping them. Otherwise, we’d not have heard of this at all.

Clearly, the rape fans in Nova Scotia (like those in Steubenville and Torrington) hate young women and love young boys. They love violent sex crimes and hate the rule of law. They hate good and love evil. They want to be rapists themselves and instead live vicariously through the rapes committed by the rapists they support. There really isn’t any other way to explain their behavior.

The flyers and the (now-defunct) Facebook page say things like “there are two sides to every story”. With all due respect to the rape cheerleaders, the boys’ side of the story has been out there since shortly after they brutally gang-raped Ms. Parsons. Indeed, their side has been so loudly and frequently aired, the girl killed herself. What other “information” do these raping, bullying, murdering pieces of s*** have for us?

No, this is another example of people with sick, twisted, violent hatred of young women trying to blame the victim for the crimes committed against her. And to prove how demented and cowardly these sick f***s are : they are blaming a girl they helped to put in the grave.

If there is any more despicable type of human animal on the face of the Earth than someone who spits on the grave of someone they helped to kill?

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

How many times do we have to see this s*** happen before America gets off its ass and demands action?  A girl was raped by three of her classmates. After raping her body, they took to social media to rape her reputation. The cops kinda sorta did a half-assed “investigation”, and the girl killed herself. And there it sat until the media made the cops look like the bumbling, sexist fools that they were. And suddenly, the cops “found” the evidence required to charge the perps with more serious crimes.

Time and again, across the nation and around the world, local officials smirk and wink at rape. Time and again, they get caught. And time and again, they do too little, too late. Why the repetition, why the failure to learn?

Short answer: there are no consequences for their willful incompetence. The cops get a brief period of time in the harsh glare of the media, but they go away soon enough. And the cops shrug their shoulders, smirk some more, and go back to their tacit encouragement of rape and other violent sex crimes. Why should they change?

Look at Steubenville, Torrington, Nova Scotia, and any other such case you care to look at. Have any of the local officials who failed so miserably lost their jobs, been fined, or called to account in any way? No. They do a rotten job and it does not matter. They can allow rape to happen and pay no price for their pro-criminal activities.

And the hell of it is, most police departments actually do a good job in this area. But they don’t get any credit for it, because the incompetent few make the rest look bad. And the good cops and bad cops get the same treatment, regardless of how good or bad a job they do. Every parent knows: if you don’t teach your kids about consequences, your kids won’t learn to do the right thing. Same with adults.

A modest proposal: it’s time we put any and all failed local officials up on trial as accomplices to rape, whenever they fail to protect and serve the victims of sex crimes. Imagine if, for example, Sheriff Fred Abdalla of Steubenville had to register as a sex offender. Do you think that would get the attention of the pro-rape cops around America? You bet it would.

If they don’t and won’t care about the women they are supposed to protect, they’ll at least start caring about keeping their own fat, pimply butts out of jail.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

P.S.: The family is suing the three little pigs who raped and bullied their daughter to death: But they aren’t suing the worthless locals who took EIGHT F***ING MONTHS to arrest the perps. They really should be suing the cops, too, just to put the fear of God into those stinking rapist-loving perverts.