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They’re at it again, America’s most ridiculous batch of ass-backwards Robbing Hoods. Ohio (completely controlled by the Elephants, no Democrats to blame) “legislators” are out to bone the majority in order to redistribute our money to their fat-cat cronies. And the worst of it is, they’ve done the exact same thing before.

You see, back under the regime of self-confessed and convicted criminal Bob Taft, Ohio Repubs passed a tax cut for the rich, paid for by jacking up the sales tax. Said sales tax being paid in large measure by the poor and middle class. The largest tax increase (in dollars) in the history of Ohio.

One more time: Republicans rammed through the largest tax increase in history. Yes, Republicans. Look it up. And they took from the working people and the poor, to give to the rich.

At least, it’s the largest one so far. This one might f*** us all even worse. Crowns O’ Polished Turds all ’round the Statehouse, to decorate the s***head ‘Phants that are looting us all to feather their own nests.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

All studies are based on assumptions, and the recent Immigration Cost-Benefit Analysis from Jim DeMint’s latest scam the Heritage Foundation is no exception. And the liberals that hates them some Heritage Foundation are quite right in attacking the assumption that immigrants would be a drag on the economy because of their level of education.

That assumption and the study as a whole have already been pretty thoroughly eviscerated, but there is one assumption that has been missed thus far: DeMint and Co.assume that wealth is being taken from the rich and given to the poor. This is the exact opposite of what has actually happened: in fact, the majority of the nation’s wealth has been handed over to the wealthiest among us since the dawn of the Reagan Era.

Anyone expecting objectivity from a Wingnut outfit like the Heritage Foundation is likely to be sorely disappointed, of course. Even the Libertarian sock puppet Cato Institute has debunked the study, which shows you how crazy it is. But when this writer heard DeMint spouting off about “wealth redistribution” this morning, he knew there was something else lurking in the bowels of this study.

And, like the contents of most bowels, this assumption and the study on which it was based is just so much s***.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky