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Wingnuts are in high gear of late, proclaiming their usual canard about there “being little or no difference between the parties”. Bull-f***ing-s***. Today’s debunking: women’s rights.

Huge differences abound: look at the current Teapubbie and Democratic platforms:

Number A: Repubs think women should allowed to die rather than allow them to have a life-saving abortion. Dems do NOT believe this.

Letter 2: Repubs think women should not be allowed to use birth control, or at least be deprived of insurance coverage if they need it. Oh, and that applies even if the pills are being used for other medical reasons than birth control. Dems do NOT believe this, either.

Thirdly: Repubs believe women should be made to work harder and be paid less. Once again: Democrats do NOT share this belief.

Ignore the lunatics of the fringe: the parties are VERY different. A vote for a Dem IS a vote against Repubs. Get on out and vote Dem.

Unless, of course, you hates you some women. If so, sit out the election or vote Republican. If not, get out and vote AGAINST the party that hates your mothers, sisters, and every woman on Earth. Any electoral action  OTHER  than a vote for a Dem is an attack on women. Period.

“No difference”, my Cranky A**. Tomorrow: Repubs’ love affair with terrorists.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

A West Virginia “Republican” state legislator said exactly that. If a child gets their school lunch paid for, this Dickensian (accent on “dick”) jackass thinks they should be made to perform janitorial duties, landscape work, and so forth.

Really, Mr. Canterbury? Child labor? Forcing six-year-olds to haul trash and push power mowers? You DO know that’s illegal, don’t you?

Or maybe he just doesn’t care. That seems likely. To be on the safe side, this writer will avoid the town of Greenbrier WV in the future, since the worthies there elected this fool. For all we know, forced child labor might be an everyday occurrence there.

It is worth noting that almost everyone else in the House of Delegates disagreed with him, and school kids in West Virginia will not be required to do slave labor in order to eat.

It is also worth noting that “almost” everyone disagreed. Eight other West Virginia legislators voted with him.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Once you understand that, the actions of Congressional Repubs make perfect sense. And it’s not as if they haven’t told us about this goal. Indeed, starting with Reagan and continuing through Gingrich and Norquist to the present day, the message has been clear and consistent: the government is the problem, and indeed your enemy. That is how modern Teapublicans think. Google it if you don’t believe it.

This is why Repubs were willing to: let the government go bankrupt; go over the fiscal cliff; allow the sequestration to go forward; eliminate insurance programs that citizens have paid for over the decades, and so on. Each of these catastrophes would weaken the nation as a whole and the government in particular, making it easy to “drown it in a bathtub”.

Remember when sequestration was first passed into law by Congress? The underlying premise was that the cuts to government were so severe that no politician would allow them to occur; thus action would be taken to avert the cuts. That made sense when we thought Teapublicans cared about the strength and stability of our government.

Now that we know they DON’T want the government to be strong and stable, the reasoning behind their actions of the past few years is clear. By taking the actions they have, they are weakening the government that they are sworn to serve. And doing so with malice aforethought.

To this writer, that strongly resembles treason. Of course, the Cranky One could be wrong; if he is, we’ll know it when the Elephants start acting as if they care about the government and its citizens. Until that unlikely event occurs, we’d best be treating “Republicans” as what they are: enemies bent on destroying our freedoms.

Mr. B & C

Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Tom Scott, Marco Rubio, Mike Johanns, Rand Paul, Pat Roberts and James Risch formally announced their uncompromising support for anyone who violently assaults women. They showed their solidarity with rapists, stalkers, wife-beaters and other such scum by voting to kill the Violence Against Women Act; indeed, they didn’t even want it to come to a vote.

You want to know why high-school kids from Ohio to Minnesota think it’s OK to gang-rape girls? Ask these eight Senators who lead by example. By refusing to support legislation that would protect women from violent crime, they endorse the committing of violent crime against women.

“Oh nonono, not at all”,these misogynistic louts cry; “there are other matters to consider, it’s not that we hate women”. All together now, readers: “BulllllllS********t”.

Voting against legislation to help crime victims is voting against crime victims. And that means voting FOR criminals.

And that is how these eight men voted. Their mothers must be so proud.

Mr. B & C