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Around the world, people and pundits are dealing with severely bunched-up undergarments after hearing that Big Bennie is stepping down as Pontiff.

Relax, everybody, not much will change. The Roman Catholic Church will still be the same organization that offed Huguenots by the truckload during the Reformation, tortured even more Jews during the Inquisition and molested unknown numbers of innocent children; just to name a few of their “greatest hits”.

Popish fellows come and go, and the Church continues committing crimes against humanity and indulging in financial activities that Bernie Madoff couldn’t even imagine. At the same time, individual members of the Church do wonderful things for poor and downtrodden people around the world. The Pope matters little to the church.

And how can this be true? Simple: his last day on the job is February 28th. His successor won’t be chosen until sometime in March. If Joey Ratz (or any Pope) were all that friggin’ important, how could the Church run without him?

Nope, the Pope matters not one bucket of warm spit. The Church goes along through the centuries, being both the best and the worst of humankind. Which schmuck sits in the Chair of Peter makes no difference.

Mr. B & C

In addition to being blunt and cranky, your humble scribe is just about as cynical as a man can get.  So when he hears that a legislator is quitting his gig four years early to take a position in the private sector, his Uncle Martin Antennae pop up and his B.S. Detector starts ringing like a fire alarm. Such was the case when he heard about soon-to-be-former Senator DeMint, who is leaving a position of power and privilege to go to work for Wingnut Central The Heritage Foundation.

There are a number of possible reasons for such a move, none of which reflect well on the man:

Number A: There is a scandal about to erupt, and he wants to get out while he can. Possible, with the large number of information sources available these days. On the other hand, being a sitting senator would provide him with a remarkable amount of legal protection and a big pulpit from which to make his case.  So this one’s kinda iffy.

Letter 2: He is pissed off at being stuck in the minority for at least half of his remaining term.  Lots of “Republicans” assumed their party would take complete control of government, and as it turned out they lost influence in both the legislative and executive branches. This reason is possible, but not verifiable.

Thirdly: He is broke and wants to make a pile of cash. The new gig would pay over a million bucks a year and he is not one of our millionaire Senators, so that seems a very plausible scenario.

No matter which of these reasons (or another) is behind the move, Mr. DeMint’s behavior is execrable. He swore an oath and (like Sarah Palin before him)is  violating that sworn oath.  He is running away from his obligations. And no matter what he’s running from or what he’s running to, he is showing himself to be a person completely devoid of honor and integrity. Even by the low standards we have come to associate with politicos, he’s slime.

Mr. B & C