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Individual people EARN respect by their actions, not by the clothes they wear.

This writer has friends who are decorated war heroes (one of them damned near died on Iwo Jima). There are other people in uniform who have committed war crimes. Are they equally deserving of respect? Of course not.

There is a cop of Cranky acquaintance who literally saved a child’s life by shooting a man who had a gun pointed at the kid’s head (no kidding, it really happened. The man’s a legend, and deservedly so). There are other cops who have taken bribes or committed crimes. Are they equally deserving of respect? Oh, Hell, no.

In days of yore, there were people, attired like hippie freaks, who went around helping the poor and feeding the hungry. The Manson “family” dressed the same way. Again: equally deserving of respect? Oh, f***ing HELL, no.

So to all whiny-assed, bullying crybabies among the NYPD who are going “waaah” about not being respected: shut the f***ing f*** up, you f***ing f***wits. There are some damned good cops in that town who have earned respect, and who give respect. Guess what? They will get the respect they deserve.

The bad cops will likewise get the respect THEY deserve. And not one bit more. The fabric that covers our bodies means little when compared to the actions of the humans who are covered by that cloth. A uniform, in and of itself, means exactly nothing.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Below is a link to a story about Prince Mitt’s latest obnoxious treatment of “ordinary” people, showing his ingrained lack of respect for others:–election.html

The story is simple: a brave American soldier (not like Willard, who was a draft dodger) gave his life for his fellow man. Romney decided to use the soldier’s story as a tool to attack Obama. We shall repeat: Mitt, coward that he is, used someone’s heroic death to score a few cheap political points. What a scumbucket. And he didn’t even have the common decency to check with the soldier’s family first.

The fallen soldier’s mother is calling Mitt on his un-American, sleazy, cheap, disrespectful behavior. As well she should.

As should we all.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has lots of friends and relatives who are veterans, and has lost a few of such over the years. And even though the Military said “no thanks” to his back and eyesight when he tried to enlist, he has done what he can as a private citizen to support those who serve us and paid the price of freedom.

Over the upcoming weekend, there will be manymanymany blowhards using the sacrifice of these individuals to score cheap political points (in fact, this has already started). In an effort to hose these dirty dogs down a bit (the only way to stop such critters), here are some blunt truths about sacrifice:

{1} Since the Civil War, not one veteran has died in favor of a divided America. So, if you’re planning a partisan speech to demonize the other side, show them some respect and don’t start with that crap.

{2} Not a single Veteran has died to promote one type of religion over another. So if you’re planning to preach from the pulpit about how those brave men and women died so that your denomination could triumph over the rest, show them some respect and don’t start with that crap.

{3} Veterans do not die for a political party. Not the Whigs, the Dems, the Repubs, the Greens, etc.  So if you’re planning a speech….you get the idea.

These are supposed to be the UNITED States of America. If all we do as a people is remember that fact, we will truly honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans on this Memorial Day.

Mr. B & C