Mr. Blunt and Cranky was ever so very happy to find that the New York Times did his job for him today:

Those who click the link (and please, please do so) will find what most non-partisan experts have been saying for years: that the Gummint has to quit giving away free money to people and organizations that do not need it. And that tax breaks are the same thing as spending.

Take a moment and let that sink in, because the odds areĀ  better than even that you’ve never heard this from the talking heads or your “representatives”. They act as though spending money on, say, Granny’s medication is different than, say, taxing Mitt Romney at an artificially low rate. But there is no difference whatsoever to the balance sheet: money that goes out the door is money that goes out the door, period.

Money that comes in is revenue. Everything else (be it “spending” or foregone revenue) is expense. Mr. Boehner, remember this simple bit of math the next time you and Boy Munster dream up a “budget”.

Mr. B & C