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Obama’s Speech is, in Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s ever-so-humble opinion, a great one for anyone with an ounce of Center in their bones.

Liberals are crowing and Righties are cursing, each wing flapping away as it hears what it wants to hear. Hardly unusual, if disappointing. But the speech (read it, peeps) is not some flaming Communist Manifesto, regardless of how the pundits may try to present it as such.

No, it is a sensible, fact-based, consensus-building appeal to the values in our Constitution and the involvement of the electorate. He is saying that we the people need to do more than vote every few years: we need to follow the law of the land, and hold our “Representatives” to account.

As a proud Radical Centrist, this writer finds a lot to like in Obama’s second Inaugural Speech. Now, if the clowns in The Dizzy City Circus can actually live up to the ancient principles espoused in said address, (and we citizens make them do it) we just might be able to have a government of, by, and for the people again.

Unlikely, but possible. And well worth the effort.

Mr. B & C

A quick reminder of why Barack Obama won re-election (and a fair few other Dems got elected too) in 2012: it was in large part because the Teabaggers and other right-wing extremist loons revealed themselves to be, well, extremist loons. They rejected compromise, refused to consider anything but their “pure and principled” philosophical positions. And the voters kicked out (or didn’t elect in the first place) some of the most radical of these “purists”. The pursuit of ideological perfection turned out to be a really, REALLY bad idea.

So what did the RepubliBaggers do when they got to Washington D.C. this week? Why, they immediately started right back in playing the “purer-than-thou” card as if it were a smart card to play. Never mind that the voters clearly said “knock that crap off and act like grown-ups”, no, the Raging Righties in their Tightie Whities are doubling down on what has been proven to be a losing hand. In the immortal words of that great philosopher Bugs Bunny: Maroons. Imbessiles. Tar-rar-rah-goon-dee-yays.

And to prove that the Right has no monopoly on idiocy, lots of people on the Left are doing the exact same thing, just with a different set of principles to judge the insufficient purity and perfection of their politicos in the Democratic Party. Yes, these zeebs are saying “ya know, being uncompromising zealots totally got our opponents’ wedding tackle kicked in. We should do the same thing they did.” Even Bugs Bunny hasn’t got words to describe THAT level of stupid.

Our nation is not of one mind, and no single set of purist, extremist principles will ever convince us all. Hasn’t happened. Not gonna happen. Extremists are a minority, and however perfect and right their ideas may be, the vast majority of Americans will not buy into those ideas completely. So insisting that, say, the Prexy institute a Socialist Paradise is just as doomed to failure as expecting the Speaker to create a Libertarian Utopia.

This nation is just too diverse, too vast, and full of too many contumacious jerks to ever reach a consensus on anything pertaining to ideology, religion, philosophy, or one of such. We are a nation built on compromise – in fact, our very system of government is a compromise. There is no chance of either the Far Left or the Extreme Right convincing 100% of Americans to follow their path.

That being the case, and having seen the recent failure of extremists who hewed the Right-Wing Tea Party line, one has to wonder why anyone with half a brain who choose to emulate the Tea Party’s 2012 strategy. This writer has concluded that some on the Left possess stupidity in truly epic quantities.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky grew up in the sort of town where one could see “retired” men spending a lot of time going from store to store on a daily basis. Until the state created its own lottery, thus effectively ending the illegal numbers racket, after which these men seemed much less active. Just getting older and slowing down, no doubt.

A key lesson learned from one of these oh-no-not-a-gangster-not-at-all gentlemen, overheard while he was talking with another of his ilk: “You are looking for good will. There is no good will for people like them: there is only advantage”. Words to ponder, and words many Americans have evidently never heard.

As we have seen over the past few years, the “Republican” party has abandoned any small remaining shred of goodwill, of comity, of cooperation, of respect, or any of the virtues that allow people of divergent backgrounds to live together in reasonable peace and relative harmony. They do not care about anyone else’s viewpoint and indeed, wish to stifle and suppress such viewpoints. If possible, they’d dearly love to imprison or deport anyone who does not march in lockstep with them, 24/7/365.  Good will? They have no use for it.

Within the past ten days, a few examples of this attitude and how it hurts the rest of us:

Number A: Michigan “Republicans” just rammed through a union-busting bill in a lame-duck session. Why? Because in January a few Democrats will replace a few Repubs, and they will lose the ability to do such partisan s***. For right now, they have complete control and are using it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

Letter 2: Michigan’s “Republican” governor has just been granted emergency powers that are not subject to the approval of those governed. He can take over cities, school districts, etc. and do whatever he likes to whoever and whatever he likes. Or give the job to a crony of his. Either way, he and his party have complete control and are using it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

Thirdly: “No worries”, you say, “we can recall the b***ards”. Ummm…no…you see, the “Republicans” of Michigan just passed a law that makes it incredibly difficult to recall an elected official. This makes it easier to have complete control and use it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

Fourth Item: Michigan “Republicans” rewrote their concealed carry policies to allow people to carry guns into schools and other such places. Never mind what the cops think, the legislators want the cash that the gun lobby is bribing them with. In other words, again, they have complete control and are using it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

That’s just part of what these partisans have done in just a few days, in just one state. Get the picture, folks? 

You. Can. Not. Negotiate. With. These. People.  “Republicans” don’t believe in compromise: to them it is profanity. They openly say things like “bipartisanship means coming around to the Republican point of view”.   They are not like you or I; they don’t give a happy monkey fart about your point of view, and they are after each and every bit of power, wealth, and control they can get. 

You can go to the well of “mutual understanding and cooperation” and drop in a bucket as many times as you wish, and you’ll always come up dry. So stop, okay, just stop pretending that they are reasonable people.

These people do not understand good will: for them there is only advantage.

Monday – the only way to solve the problem.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has noticed an increased amount of government meddling in the private sector over the past few years: legislation that voids contracts, creates burdensome obstacles to business and labor, and generally makes it harder for we schmucks to make a buck. Today’s example:

Michigan’s Right-To –Work Law, in which the government takes it upon itself to trash, void and re-write contracts to which they are not signatories.Mark this well, my friends – private industries and their workforces negotiated and signed contracts that made good business sense. And now some yahoo legislators want to shred those agreements without the consent of the parties involved. Much money will be lost by the companies, their workers, suppliers, and consumers as a result of this un-asked for governmental power grab.

Note that, contrary to the usual media-produced stereotypes, the meddlesome bureaucrats in this case are “Republicans”. In a perversion of the free-market principles on which they used to base their principles, they are using government influence to rig the markets in favor of those who give them cash. And to Hell with the private sector and their legal rights.

Yes, there is government interference in the free market. But it isn’t always where you expect to find it.

Mr. B & C

To hear a few crazies on the Left tell it, this week’s election results are a sign of the impending Social Democratic Paradise on Earth. News flash: uhhhh, ermmmm, not really, no. What it was was a repudiation of the Teabagging, Randian AMFYOYO dope dreams of the Radical Right. That is something quite different from an endorsement of the Hard Left.

The majority of the American electorate is and has always been Centrist.  This despite the earnest efforts of generations’ worth of extremists of many persuasions: alas, the sad reality is that most humans don’t really give a monkey’s about the nuances of political theory. What they want from politics is to have safety, security, and to do their own thing.  So when their wealth is redistributed beyond what seems an equitable extent, they get pissy. When their freedoms are infringed beyond the extent that seems required for their security, they get a wee bit ticked off. When they are insulted, condescended to, or abused, they get hugely pissed off.

All three things were done unto them in the past few years by the Radical Right; and so they gave the Teabaggers a humiliating kick in the groin. Well-deserved it was, and quite entertaining to watch. What they did not do was to endorse a wholesale shift to the Left.

What does that mean? If the Left wants to achieve their goals, they’ll have to do it slowly, carefully, respectfully, in consultation with the Center, and above all in a way that enhances the overall freedom, safety and security of the nation. That requires a calm, grownup approach, peeps.

The last thing anyone in the Center wants to hear right now are the words “radical” or “revolutionary”. They have had a bad experience with that sort of thing of late, and anyone who tries to peddle it now will wind up with their nether regions  feeling a lot like those of Akin, Mourdock and Company.

Mr. B & C

Both times Bush The Dumber managed to get his butt planted in the Oval Office, Mr. Blunt and Cranky heard lots and lots of people on the Left and in the Center losing their gourds. Threats, despairing recriminations, and of course, lots of bitter gloom-n-doom; all of these were present and accounted for in 2000 and 2004. Not much came of them, and the country limped along until that jackass exited the building.

Now, it’s the turn of the Raging Righties in Their Tightie Whities to barf out their weeping, wailing, useless and pathetic diatribes. Not much will come of their declarations, and the country will survive another four years of this Prexy, as it has dozens of his predecessors.

News Flash: sometimes you win, and sometimes you don’t. That’s what happens in contests. The only people who get a pass for acting like two-year-olds when they lose are, well, two-year-olds. The rest of us are quite reasonably expected to act like, well, grownups. Suck it up, Buttercup.

Mr. B & C

During this week’s election, the electorate’s centrist majority whupped a lot of ass upon the Radical Right. Mr. Blunt and Cranky was quite pleased to see how many of these teabagging nimrods received their walking papers: he was not pleased (though also not surprised) that the “Republican” leadership is determined to live in denial. Thus, the ever-so-gentle title of today’s post.

Listening to Speaker Boehner and Minority Leader McConnell’s comments (let’s not even think of the rantings of others like lil’ Donnie Trump) over the past day or so, it is plain that they still think that the Radical Right has the blessing of the majority of Americans: never mind that many of the Tea Party’s poster children went down like the Hindenburg yesterday. Never mind that the billions of dollars’ worth of dark money they spent to buy elections made not bit of difference. Never mind that their frantic efforts to suppress the vote had all the effect of a snail’s fart in a tornado.

No, regardless of the facts on the ground and what they signify, there are entirely too many of these zeebs who still think that today is the first Wednesday of November 2010. News flash: it is 2012, and the Right today must acknowledge that fact. But the Radical Right is unwilling to see the will of the people for what it is: a repudiation of partisan zealotry and excess.

The candidates that lost were, in the main, those that were perceived as having ties to the Tea Party, Social Darwinism, the 1%, pick the term you like. For the “Republicans” to deny this is to seal their doom. They need to climb out of their comfy little bubble and look at this basic fact: the more extreme they get, the more often they get kicked in the wedding tackle.

The Dems, on the other hand, have moved to the middle and scored some big wins.  The Teabag-slurping Repubs must wake up, search their souls, learn from the ass-whupping they endured this year and likewise move towards the center; not continue to move farther towards the fringe. If they can do that, they can win elections and gain the power they lust for. If not, well, pleasant dreams to them as they sleep their way past the end of their brief period of relevance.

Mr. B & C

As a Radical Centrist, Mr. Blunt and Cranky is over the moon about yesterday’s election results. In quite a few cases, the American people kicked the wingnut loons to the curb while electing more moderate politicos to office.

In the race for President, Mitt’s Tea Party-esque statements hurt him badly. In a fair few Senate races, ditto. In a good number of House races, issues, local and state offices, likewise. The American electorate, in the main, picked center-right, centrist, and center-left candidates and incumbents over fire-breathing zealots.

Of course, not everyone has gotten the message. Boehner and McConnell in particular seem to think that they still have a mandate to rape, pillage and plunder the 99%, for example.

This means that we can’t relax now that we’re done voting. The Centrist Majority needs to stay engaged and in the faces of our “representatives” if we are to see any results from the divided (but more moderate) government we elected.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky was driving to The Place That Pays Him To Go There, and listening to the news along the way, as is his wont. One story that caught his attention was about a group of Loony Lefties that were protesting in front of President Obama’s local election office at the Ohio State University. The core message of their screechfest? Why, that Obama is not sufficiently perfect, so some of them would sit out the election in a sulk, because they did not get every single item on their Leftie wish list. Never mind that Obama has handed the Left more goodies than any other Prexy since LBJ (or maybe even FDR): it is not enough for these spoiled, greedy brats. 

One must assume these stupid f***s were real crybabies on Christmas day as they were growing up, if they didn’t get ev-ar-ree-THING on their Santa list. Certainly, they are acting that way now, throwing temper tantrums and threatening to not vote if Obama does not somehow develop superpowers and single-handedly create a magical rainbow-pony paradise in a single instant. Hell, these idiots would probably STILL bitch if the magical rainbow ponies didn’t poop sparkly butterflies.

Of all the stupid f***s that this writer has encountered in his long life, this bunch is the stupid f***iest. Krishna on a pogo stick, these thrice-damned morons clearly either do not remember that the exact same action by the Loony Left in 2000 was a major reason that Bush The Dumber was able to occupy the Oval Office for eight years – eight years in which the Left got the living s*** kicked out of it (along with the economy, our rights, our soldiers, the middle class, and much of the Middle East); or they are so far beyond ordinary stupid f***itude that they feel justified in enabling the Bushies to take power. And that would be truly epic stupid f***ery.

Much as it grieves this radical centrist to point it out, the Presidential election is a binary choice, no matter what sort of stupid f***ing crap these petulant brats may believe. If you vote for one, you also vote against the other. If you vote for neither, you are still tacitly voting for one or the other.

Specifically: if you are anything other than a Raging Righty and you do not vote for Obama, then you have f***ing well voted for Romney. Remember in 2000, all the thumb-sucking stupid f*** extremist liberals who did not vote for Gore?  Those were effective votes for Bush. Not voting for the Dem = a vote for the Repub (and vice versa, of course).  It is pure mathematics and it’s not amenable to pseudo-intellectual sophomoric debate. One or the other.  D or R.  Sucks, but that’s the reality of vote tabulation in 2012 America, at the national level at least.

Please, don’t be like The Stupidest  F*** in the World, currently on tour and demonstrating his uber-stupid f***itude at the Ohio State University. Be like the smart kid that was interviewed on the news broadcast: she is a Loony Leftie and isn’t happy with Obama, but she is going to vote against Romney.

You can be smart, or you can be a contestant for the title of Stupidest  F*** in the World. Please be smart.

Mr. B & C

P.S.: The Crankster is an Independent, and truly wishes the binary nature of Presidential elections were not so. But he learned long ago: “wish in one hand and hold a horseapple in the other, squeeze them both, and see which one comes true”. We must deal with the world as it is, not as it should be: and meanwhile, work to create the world that we want, so that someday we may no longer be obliged to choose between two handfuls of crap. Meanwhile, we oftimes are obliged to just pick the hand with the smaller piece of poo in it.

There are many people advocating for a “Return to traditional America”, or something of such. Lots of people have their own Wayback Machine-induced vision of what that America used to be: for that matter, Mr. Blunt and Cranky has fond memories of his youth, and the superiority of what seemed a simpler time to that of the present day. And all things considered, he wouldn’t mind a few changes that would help restore some of the virtues of the past, without repeating some of the mistakes of the past.  (Oh, and FYI – one cannot ‘Restore Our Future’, since the future hasn’t happened yet. Duh.)

This writer would never want the segregation of his childhood to be reintroduced, for instance. Nor does he wish to see a repeat performance of the violence and carnage of the 60’s.  Revolutions can accomplish change, but lots of people get hurt or killed in the rush to achieve sudden, drastic change.  Far better to take our time, strive for consensus, and work together to change when it is really needed. That is a good working definition of conservatism: the desire to keep what is good, and carefully prune away only what is not working.

Of course, you might never know it, given the largely successful hijacking of the label, especially since the late 70’s. The “Conservative Revolutionaries” have, by dint of media ownership and strict message discipline managed to get a large number of Americans to believe that forcibly removing  most legal and societal actions ( in spite of the fact that the majority of the country approved of these things) of the past 150 years somehow equals being  “Conservative”.  Wholesale destruction of good and bad alike, the deaths of thousands and dispossession of millions in the service of the radical dreams of a crazed minority: that’s supposed to be “conservative” these days. A masterpiece of NewSpeak: Orwell would have to applaud it.

Not that the extreme Left is any more conservative than the Right, but at least the Lefties rarely claim conservatism as one of their characteristics. However, the extreme Left wants some severe additions and subtractions from the status quo that would hurt a lot of people in the creation.

No, if you want true Conservatism, you head to the Center.  The Center isn’t much on revolutionary anything, really: we are more of an evolutionary lot. The Right are a load of bomb-throwing, hairy-eyed revolutionaries. The Left want a pacifistic, kind and fluffy sort of revolution. But revolution is what both wings want, and devil take the wishes of the majority.

Much talk is made by wingnuts of how one needs to “break eggs in order to build an omelet”. The American people should all remember that we could well be the eggs that get broken. And then we’d be consumed  en masse, that being the fate of eggs and omelets.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky