In this story, the reporter shows just how many lying/stupid/delusional/rape-loving/just-plain-perverted people live in Steubenville, ‘Hia (ask a local to explain the spelling): almost everyone there seems to have amnesia regarding the recent guilty-as-hell verdict that was rendered to the rapists,  and are somehow trapped in a fantasy world. A world in which men rape and abuse women, and women are to blame for the abuse they suffer, because, well, that’s the way they roll in that s***hole of a town.

We hear, occasionally, that “there are good and decent people here who are appalled, blahblahblah, the rapists don’t represent our values, woofwoofwoof”, but how often have we seen these alleged concerned citizens of Steubenville doing f***-all? When was the last time you saw a crowd of locals converge on the sheriff’s office demanding action? How many of the supposed “decent majority” of Steubenvillians have you heard demanding that their town be cleaned up?

Put-near none of ’em, yup. That’s how many. People, listen up: no matter the purity of your inner feelings, unless you actually do something your feebly whispered protestations mean nothing. If you continue to hide, sniveling and cowering in fear of the big bad Rape Crew, then you can’t complain when the rest of us think that your entire town is a load of rapists and victims.

Don’t want to wear a Crown O’ Polished Turds? Speak up. If not, you’re a Lying Sack of Steubenvillian S***. Come on. Prove otherwise, or accept the label.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky