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Sometimes Mr. Blunt and Cranky happens upon a post that deserves sharing. Thus it is today, with this bit of awesomeness from Internet DJ Mr. Scorpio:

Today, as it just so happens, I found out that Sarah Palin is worth twelve million dollars

Marinate on that thought for a moment: As a person who all but demonstrates the intellectual dexterity of a rusty crankshaft all of the time, she has somehow accumulated twelve million dollars.

Obviously, you don’t need to be smart in order to get rich in America. That much is sure.

Now, how much of that she had before she became America’s most egregious example of poor family planning, I don’t know.

But she’s rich beyond her dreams of avarice now. Scratch that… Her dreams of avarice knows no bounds, as long as there are gaggles of willing rubes for her to grift. Hence, we see her advantage.

Basically, to get rich, all she had to do was invest in a complete lack of scruples. Let’s forget about any moral compass that she may have… It only points toward money.

Just recently, our favorite Wicked Grifter of the North indicated that she may toss her pointed hat into the political ring in some upcoming election. Now we’re talking about a person who’s too moronic to be voted dog catcher, but that’s not going to prevent her from exercising her delusions of grandeur, now is it?

Say whatever you will about this babbling, gun toting wolf murderer, she has a purpose and she has the blindingly stupid belief in herself to achieve that purpose. Personally, I’m aghast that she incoherently blundered her way into accumulating 12 million dollars. This says even less about her than it says about how many people who are walking around today who are willing to give her all of that money.

Many of these people vote, I’m sure of that. And they consistently vote wrong.

Now, I’m not worried for one second that Caribou Barbie is going to stumble into the Oval Office. If she can still operate her lucrative business model in the same way she has for the last six years, getting elected would be too expensive for her and limiting as well.

The grift is on. That’s all that matters. Whatever she does, just remember that no one ever got rich by underestimating the stupidity of the American people.

In Bible Spice’s case, quite the opposite.

Nice takedown of the Sparklemoose, innit? Thanks to the author for allowing this repost. Check out his writing and musical activities.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky was heading to The Place He Is Paid To Go To this morning, and heard Virginia’s Governor state (as if it were a fact) that Obama has added seven trillion dollars to the national debt.

Not true, of course, but it’s hardly uncommon to hear public figures lying, inventing “facts” whenever they like, stretching the truth, and generally saying whatever serves their purpose du jour without a single thought for truth or accuracy. And it just seems to get worse and worse.

From wack jobs like Sarah Palin who claim that the Obaminator is getting ready to kill us all, to the crazy radio guy who thinks the Prexy is the Antichrist, to multiple mouths spouting the canard that Obama upped the debt by five trillion dollars or more, there is no shortage of lying blather. Indeed, it is so prevalent that it has become commonplace.

And why does it happen? The answer is both infuriating and depressing: they make s*** up and lie because they can.

Think back, gentle reader, and ask yourself how often these zeebs get challenged by the “reporters” who work for the “news” media? Almost never. Guv McDonnell wasn’t this morning, the NPR “journalist” just let the lie fly by. And so the average schmoe believes the lies.

Crimes are committed because criminals find it worthwhile to do so. In this case, politicians, pundits and similar scumballs know that they can say any old thing that suits their sleazy, corrupt, un-American purposes.

They do it because the media lets them. They do it because we let them. If we the people insisted on punishing the lying liars, there would be fewer of them, and fewer lies being told to us.

What kind of America will we have, if we continue to encourage people to lie to us 24/7/365? Ask yourself that question, and then nut up and call the liars out. Like this post just did. If we all demand the truth, we’ll get more of it.

Mr. B & C