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There are always a few “viral videos” of people on scooters jumping up, or people with handicapped placards running into a store, and the posters thereof always assume that the person with the disability is a fraud. That “no one with a disability could possible do X, therefore they aren’t really disabled”, yadayadaramaramadingdong. Gentle Reader, your humble Bloggespondent is here to offer up a counterexample: his own self.

The Cranky handicap placard is because of coronary insufficiencies, and those are of course largely invisible. However, if over-exertion occurs, so too will the “drop dead in one’s tracks” event occur. That is a pretty serious health issue. (An ICD will be implanted as soon as the insurer pulls its institutional thumb out.) But since there is nothing external to see, the jackasses who post such ignorant, judgemental Internet items would likely view the use of a handicapped spot as “proof” of “fraud”.

And do I get looks from such judging jackalopes? Oh f*** yeah, I get looks. People think they can f*** diagnose persons with physical limitations just by looking at us. Arrogant a**holes…even qualified medical practitioners can’t do an eyeball scan and see such cardiovascular issues. But far too many laypeople think they CAN do such an analysis. F***ing ridiculous. 

When you see someone with such a placard, or riding on a scooter in the store remember how little we can tell about a stranger’s health via a glance. Don’t assume that we are fakes. Assume we are legit, because you are almost certainly NOT our doctors.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Back in the 70’s, a truly epic bit of criminal activity was committed and then covered up by the Nixon administration. The crime and the cover up both got people ticked off, and Nixon got ridden out of office on a rail. Deservedly so.

In the 90’s, a jackass Prexy was boinking an intern, which was not a crime in and of itself. The cover up was, however, and B. J. Clinton barely survived the thrashing he so richly deserved.

In the early Oughts, the Bushies leaked the name of one of our clandestine agents in Iran. None of the scumbucket traitors who committed this crime got the punishment they deserved. Many innocent Iranians did get punishment that they did not deserve.

Many conspiracy theorists are convinced that the government is keeping secrets about UFOs, 9/11, and other such things. There is no punishment for being silly.

Not all of these secrets are equally worthy of being revealed. When we let the sunshine in, we need to make sure are illuminating the deserving, and keep the innocent from becoming collateral damage. Example: Steubenville, Ohio, where an attempt to cover up a ring of gambling, sex crimes and corruption has now thrust both the innocent and the guilty into the spotlight.

Mr. B & C