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Just when you think you have heard it all, just when you think you can’t be shocked; just when you think you have a grasp on just how crazy people can be…the world gives you an even crazier person. So it is with the accused child-molesting teacher Esther Irene Stokes.

Ms. Stokes’ defense is truly novel: she claims that she could not have molested the girl because of her racism. Yes, that is what she says: since she hates black children, according to her “logic”, she could not have touched the child. Truly, an epic bit of “reasoning” on the part of the accused.

Of course, sexual assault is a crime of violence, not romance: so hating the person you’re accused of attacking actually makes you look even more likely to have committed the crime in question. This person would appear to be as stupid as she is predatory.

The charter school has since canned the accused, which is appropriate. But you kind of have to wonder why they’d hire a teacher who had “little or no interaction” with her black students. But that could just be ordinary incompetence: the teacher is clearly barking mad, which is worse.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the craziest, dumbest and most brain-dead sex offender in history. And the scariest part is, the world has probably already got someone who is even crazier in the on-deck circle.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

This week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds shall adorn the misshapen dome of a Supreme Court “Justice”. Antonin Scalia (an Italian name meaning “scaly like a snake”) this week declared from the bench that providing everyone equal access to the polls was “racial entitlement”. Yes, he really said that.

Fat Tony is saying that providing those who have been discriminated against when trying to vote with protection against further discrimination is somehow giving these crime victims some sort of special goodies. Never mind that the poor, elderly, the young and people of color are still being victimized.

Let us imagine for a moment what Mister rude gesture is thinking, in the darkness of his bigoted, slimy head: probably something along the order of “those damned jigaboos need to learn their place”. No doubt he also feels that the nips Japanese should still be confined to internment camps, and bitches women should not be allowed to vote, along with the micks Irish, wetbacks Hispanics, terrorists Moslems and pretty much everyone but bead-squeezers Catholic honkies white men. Had he been around in Pharaoh’s day, he’d have been putting more chains on the kikes Israelites, no doubt.

You may find the previous paragraph to be offensive, and you’re right: it is. Why, it’s nearly as offensive as a Supreme Court reinstating slavery invalidating the Voting Rights Act and claiming that they are promoting “equality”.

Mr. Scalia, you may wear your COPTs, but you’d be better off to eat it, so as to harmonize better with the rest of your body chemistry.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky heard a phrase once that described the scumbucket rapists and their enablers in Steubenville, OH to an inch: “Mama threw away the baby and raised the afterbirth.”

Rude, you say? Insensitive, over the top perhaps? Read the article below, watch the videos, follow the links, and then say that the above phrase is not appropriate:
It is Even Worse

Or check this link if your stomach isn’t that strong: Not as detailed

If a tenth of this is true, then a lot of people in Steubenville have a hole inside themselves where their morals should be. And calling them afterbirth is, quite frankly, better than they deserve.

If this writer ran the show, each and every person who raped; aided and abetted a rape; covered up a rape; supported the rapists; or abused a rape victim in any way, shape or form would be bound, gagged, and left alone with their victims and the families of the victims. And the victims could do anything they wanted to their rapists, with no legal consequences.

Why not? That is  about how much law and order Steubenville, OH has used on the rapists, after all. The victims deserve at least as much liberty as the criminals.

Mr. B & C

Below is a link to a story about Prince Mitt’s latest obnoxious treatment of “ordinary” people, showing his ingrained lack of respect for others:–election.html

The story is simple: a brave American soldier (not like Willard, who was a draft dodger) gave his life for his fellow man. Romney decided to use the soldier’s story as a tool to attack Obama. We shall repeat: Mitt, coward that he is, used someone’s heroic death to score a few cheap political points. What a scumbucket. And he didn’t even have the common decency to check with the soldier’s family first.

The fallen soldier’s mother is calling Mitt on his un-American, sleazy, cheap, disrespectful behavior. As well she should.

As should we all.

Mr. B & C

Believe it or not, there are lots of fundagelical nutjobs who think God wants women who are raped to be forced to have babies: even if it will kill them, maim them, cripple them for life and so on.  This is because they think that babies are pure and innocent until birth, after which moment they become miserable scumbucket sinners (really, they do believe this). So, even if a woman is raped (or a child is raped, even), it is God’s will that that sinful female be forced to give birth to that sacred child, even if she dies in the process (yes, these whackadoodles think that, too).

It is bad enough that these fringe religious cultists hold and promulgate such hateful, venom-filled views, but it gets worse: a LOT worse. The Republican Party also believes this and is busily working to make this froot-loop theology (apologies to the froot-loop cereal people) the law of the land. Note that they are not bothering with stricter laws or greater punishment for the rapists: only stomping upon the women who are the victims of these horrific crimes.

Adding insult to injury, republicans of all stripes are upping their lunacy game of late: by trying to claim that there are different types of rape, that women can magically expel rapist sperm from their wombs, by saying that rapist sperm is a gift from God, and that none of this really matters anyway, because you should be required by Sharia Christian Law to carry the rapist’s baby to term even if it kills you.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky is not making this up, nor is he exaggerating one wee bit. Click the links below:

Republicans want to tell you, your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, wives, daughters, or any female of any age that God is OK with their being raped,  and that they are to bear the children of rapists. And they also don’t care if the woman is crippled or killed, nor will they pay a dime for her medical care. Finally, they don’t seem to be much concerned with the lousy, stinking, scumball criminal himself, since all they do is bellow like the bloated pachyderms they are about those women who are faking rape, or were asking for it, or how Original Sin makes females responsible for whatever heinous crime was committed against them.

This writer finds this to be the second craziest bunch of hogwash he has heard in many a year. In fact, there is only one thing that is crazier:

Women who know all of this and still vote for Republicans. Now, that, my friends, is barking madness of the highest order.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has so many worthy recipients for this week’s Crown O’ Polished Turds, he may have to outsource the manufacture thereof. There are multitudes of these worthies, and it would be unfair to leave any of them out. He speaks, yea, verily he does, of the “Social Welfare Organizations” who are calling for the defeat/victory of Obama/Romney even though they are not allowed to do so.

These groups (run by Rove and funded by who-knows-whom) are running ads that are pretty damned explicit, and doing it tax-free and behind closed doors, thanks to an amazingly stupid Supreme Court ruling: they are advocating for and against the candidates, and are hiding behind laws meant to benefit charities that do, well, actual charitable works.

Your cranky neighborhood blogger is particularly hacked off about this, because he has  a friend who runs an actual non-profit organization under a 501(c) designation – his is dedicated to raising money for cancer research. These people bust a** to do something good for their fellow citizens.

Rove and his fellow loophole-enabled scumbuckets are using laws meant to encourage people to take care of one another, and using them instead to line their already corpulent pockets and steal elections. Because of their most awesome lying scumbucketry, we not only place the COPT upon their noggins, but we shall grace them with a Bucket O’ Pond Scum right before their coronation, so that the populace may better know what sorts of eminent individuals that they are dealing with.

Mr. B & C