Rochelle, GA, has a rule on the books that mandates segregation. Yes. Yes, they do. “But that’s illegal”, we hear you cry. Yup, ’tis illegal, all right. But they do it anyway, because, well, they hate the black folk are holding on to their traditions.

And what are they segregating, there in Rochelle? What ever-so-vital aspect of American society are the racist motherfuckers traditionalists preserving? Why, the school prom, that’s what.

Apparently, if the blacks and the honkies are at a dance together, Western Civilization will collapse. But four brave girls (some white, some not) are trying to fix the problem. Follow the above link to read their story; also, please go to their Facebook page and show your support.

Within their school and town, they can’t even put up a poster because the stupid fucking crackers local traditionalists tear them down. These girls are enduring tons of crap, but they are sticking to their beliefs.

F*** the racist sacks of s*** in that town. And bless these four courageous kids.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky