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Really? No, seriously, really? These guys should be praised, not shat upon. No wonder we have such a rape problem on college campuses (yes, we do have such a problem. Stop arguing, and STFU about those f***wits at Rolling Stone. One s***ty story in a s***ty magazine does not mean there isn’t a rape problem).

For those who care even less about football than this writer, here is the story: FSU’s rapist QB and his rape-enabling school got their nuts kicked in during the most recent Rose Bowl game. After that nice bit of Karma-On-The-Gridiron, some of the Ducks told off Florida’s raping QB. Here’s a quote from Deadspin:

Oregon mollywhopped Florida State by 39 to advance to the college football championship game, and while accepting the Rose Bowl trophy they decided to rub it in a little. Take one part rape allegations and one part ubiquitous chant, and you have this Vine of Oregon players taunting Jameis Winston and FSU with a “no means no” tomahawk chop chant. Oof.

Update: Here’s a statement from Oregon coach Mark Helfrich: “We are aware of the inappropriate behavior in the postgame. This is not what our programs stand for, and the student-athletes will be disciplined internally.”

Got that? A bunch of athletes say “rape is a bad thing”, and their school punishes them. Other athletes rape the s*** out of women and their schools ignore it at best, and tacitly reward them at worst. Jameis Winston is but one example of many a**hole jocks who feel a sense of entitlement to commit acts of sexual violence.

And they feel that entitlement because of messages like this one from Oregon. “Don’t send out anti-rape messages, it’s not sportsmanlike” is what Oregon’s administration is saying. And they are “disciplining” the football players who dare to defy the pro-rape culture that afflicts our nation. What a bunch of stupid-f***s.

Good on the Ducks who took that stand. No matter what their school thinks.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

2013 was a year of amazing stupidity, and this writer is glad its death is nigh. One of the dumbest things of this dumb year was the notion that White America was under attack (along with Christian America). Never mind that white Christians are in control of American government, business and media, have been for some time, and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Here is some Cranky History: the family has been here since at least 1774. That means we were here when most of the land was being stolen from the original inhabitants. White Americans raping, killing, stealing, and committing genocide against the legitimate owners of this country. And even if my ancestors did not commit any of these atrocities with their own hands, they certainly benefited from them. As all white Americans do to this day.

Some of my ancestors lived in border states during the Civil War, which was when White Americans killed Americans of all colors in order to keep the right to rape, enslave, torture and murder their slaves. And even if my ancestors did not commit any of these atrocities with their own hands, they certainly benefited from them. As all white Americans do to this day.

Today, America is becoming a majority minority nation: that means that White America will become less powerful and eventually have to suck it up and be equal with the others we have been raping, killing and stealing from for all these years. Not superior to them, but equal to them. You know, like the Constitution says.

And speaking as a White American who can lay claim to the dubious honor of being a direct descendant of the original White Americans, that is a very good thing. Because looking at our conduct over the centuries, we really shouldn’t be in charge of much of anything. Unless you LIKE rape, genocide, thievery, murder, torture, and general crimes against humanity.

If you support the idea of White America, you support those crimes. And on behalf of myself and my part-Shawnee spouse (there, friends, is an example of spiritual awesomeness), f*** anybody and everybody who is in favor of White Supremacy, or any other skin-color-based horses*** like that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky