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At least, that’s this writer’s take on it. If you look at what the Left and Right stand for, it seems pretty clear. If you listen to how they speak, it seems even more so. And when you look at how they behave, it seems irrefutable.

“Conservatives” are afraid of women, so they pass laws disempowering them.
“Conservatives” are afraid of LGBTQ people, so they pass laws disempowering them.
“Conservatives” are afraid of People of Color, so they pass laws disempowering them.
“Conservatives” are afraid of poor folk, so they pass laws disempowering them.
“Conservatives” are afraid of non-Christians, so they pass laws disempowering THEM.

And it doesn’t stop there.

“Conservatives” are afraid of free speech, so they pass laws taking away our free speech.
“Conservatives” are afraid of sex, so they pass LOTS of laws restricting it.
“Conservatives” are afraid of losing elections, so they rig elections and take away non-rich-white males’ voting rights.
“Conservatives” are afraid of their own government, so they buy themselves more guns than any person could ever use.
“Conservatives” are afraid of Ebola, so they want to force medical workers into solitary confinement just because they are scared.

On and on, and it never stops. “Republicans” are a bunch of wimps who, when it comes down to Fight or Flight, chose Flight 100% of the time. Big-talking wussies like Chris Christie and John McCain, who run and hide, cowering in the shadows if  ever they are called on their braggadocio.

Liberals behave, of course, in the exact opposite manner. They confront problems and deal with them. They are “Fighters”, not “Flighters”.

Next Tuesday, you have a choice: give control of the most powerful nation in the world to a load of scaredy-cat, bullying little wankers (Repubs), or a bunch of flawed but courageous Liberals (Democrats). It’s kind of a big deal, Gentle Reader. A pretty big and very consequential choice.

Choose the candidates with guts. Vote out the Wussie NeoConservative Caucus.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Lots of people would have you believe that Obama has created a record-breaking budget deficit, and that he is also, all by his little lonesome,  responsible for the enormous national debt. Neither is true. Part of the reason so many people believe these lies stems from a lack of understanding of what the Hell they are talking about.

The deficit is an annual number based on the budget passed by Congress and signed by the President. The debt is a total number that spans years, perhaps decades of previous Administrations and Congresses. Got it? 

Here are the actual numbers: (This page shows budget defecits. You can click the “Debt” to see that information.)

And the actual numbers show that Obama is CUTTING THE BUDGET DEFICIT, AND SLOWING THE RATE OF INCREASE IN THE NATIONAL DEBT. It matters not one bucket of warm spit what crap you have heard from Rush Limbaugh, Fox “News” or your “representatives”, much less the lazy-arsed hacks that pass for “reporters” these days.

The Debt is not the Deficit. The first is going up, and  the second is going down. Both suck, but the Congress and the President are slowly dealing with them both. Now that you know the facts, quitcherbitchin. And tell your friends the truth, because they sure as Hell won’t hear it from the media or Congress.

Mr. B & C