This is the “White History” Facebook page, a page which claims not to be racist. Nonono, they are not racist at all, notatallnonono, they are are merely providing a resource for the “oppressed white people of America” or some such nonsensical twaddle. Jesus f***ing Christ in a teapot, really?

Come on, people, we honkies are in no way, shape or form victims, and bulls*** pages like this one are based on a delusional, crybaby wahwahwah version of reality that has nothing to do with facts. White people own the majority of the nation’s wealth, we own the institutions and have the power in almost every aspect of American life. We don’t need a “white history month”, because 90% of history is already about white people.

So why have such a page, then? One word: racism. Stop cowering, ferchrissakes, man, buck up. Own it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has some hilljack relatives still living in hollers, and they are some racist mofos, make no bones about it. But they, unlike these wussie-boys on Facebook and elsewhere own their racism. They admit to hating “them n*****s, spics, wops and chinks”, and think they should all “go back where they came from”. Disgusting, yes (we are not close to that part of the family, to put it mildly), but honest.

There’s a lot of girly-men (likeBrad Paisley, who, quivering little daisies that they are, want to keep their racism without having to admit to it. They can call it “accidental”, they can call it “white history”, but that is a load of bull by-products. They are racists.

Almost everyone knows that the Confederate flag is a racist symbol, just like the Swastika is. If you wear either, you are wearing a racist symbol. And that makes you a racist.

An old saying:”lie to everyone but your doctor or your lawyer”. To that we should add “or yourself”. If you are going to be a racist, you should at least have the testicular fortitude to admit it to yourself. Because the rest of us can see that you are a racist. And a coward.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky