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Sorry to break it to you, Gentle Reader, but somebody had to. For all the orthodox history saying that the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox, they have in fact continued fighting for segregation, class stratification, and other key Confederate values.

The most obvious example was the large number of Jim Crow laws imposed upon black Americans after the South “surrendered”. Pretty much slavery without the costs of feeding, housing, and clothing the oppressed black workers and their families. Apartheid, American style.

Then came the Civil Rights Movement. We made some progress then, no doubt about it. But starting in the 1980’s, the NeoConfederates have slowly and systematically worked to restore their white-supremacist system, and in fact spread it to other, non-Confederate states.

Undoing affirmative action? Check.
Rolling back voting rights for Persons of Color? Check.
Lower wages paid to black workers than whites? Check.

All of this indicates a non-coincidental trend. It is a deliberate effort to re-fight the Civil War, albeit without obvious military force. And it is succeeding. Here’s one tiny example:

Once upon a time in the Oughts, your humble correspondent had a girlfriend from a foreign country, and she traveled to America to visit, meet the family, see the sights, and so on. She really wanted to see the South, and so we spent some time there. During that sojourn, we stopped at one of Georgia’s state universities to look at dinosaur bones, and wandered into a historical exhibit about the “War of Northern Aggression” (indeed, it was thus labeled) and how bad it was for the formerly-contented slaves. This in an accredited, state-chartered university.

That was a shocker. A government-funded institution teaching and spreading lies about the Civil War. She was shocked, and so was B & C.

Since that incident knocked the scales off the eyeballs, it has become ever more apparent that the Reagan Revolution included a strong racist, neo-Secessionist component. But instead of leaving the Union, the South has decided to take the over the whole damned country.

We are still at war with the forces of racist evil, friends. And we are losing.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

No, not at all a coincidence. The numbers prove it: anywhere Repubs run things, life sucks for 99% of the people. And it’s hard numbers here, Gentle Reader, not “feelings”:

In order to review well-being at the regional level, the OECD used only objective data in its report, rather than existing survey data. Brezzi noted that current international studies that ask people for their opinion on important measures of well-being often do not have enough data to be broken down by region.

For example, one of the nine measures, health, is based on the mortality rate and life expectancy in each region, rather than on asking people if they feel well. Similarly, another determinant of well-being, safety, is measured by the homicide rate rather than personal responses as to whether people feel safe where they live.

The┬áresults show: the redder the state, the more religious cray-cray they have in government, the more Repubs in power…well then, the more loudly that state will suck. Case closed. Repub policies are a recipe for failure.

Don’t vote for Repubs. Vote AGAINST Repubs. Unless, of course, you LIKE poverty, dead kids, s***y streets and crap in every aspect of your life. Because it has been proven that Repubs will give you just that.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Remember when Boeing decided to move to the “Right to Work” states of the Southeast, because the eeeevil nasty unions of the Northwest were unwilling to work for half the pay they’d been getting? And remember how Boeing said these new workers would do the same jobs better and cheaper? They lied.

“Boeing’s South Carolina facility is running behind projections and won’t make its goal of producing three 787 Dreamliners a month by the end of 2013. In fact, the Everett plant will have to make up the difference in order for the company to reach its overall goal of 10 jetliners a month by year’s end.

In other words, the cheaper workers are providing less work than the more expensive workers. And the Carolina workers are producing such crap, the union workers often have to redo it to fix what the non-union yokels f***ed up.

Big lesson here: “Right to Work” does not mean “ability to work”. This has come as a shock to all of the Boeing MBAs who smugly assumed that anybody with ten digits could do a task as well as anybody else. These “managers” are a bunch of purblind fools who couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper sack with electric carving knives.

This writer thinks that Boeing’s MBAs should be made to give back their degrees. The reason is simple: companies are supposed to return maximum value to their shareholders, yes?

And Boeing is failing to do so, and that miserably. Instead of taking care of business, they pursued a sociopolitical agenda: and that agenda was to a large extent based on theoretical notions and was characterized by short-term thinking.

When your planning horizon is “what time is it?”, you will fail. When you rely on unquantified assumptions and do not adapt when the data proves them false, you will fail spectacularly.

MBAs are taught not to do these things. Anyone who does them is not worthy to hold the title.

This will, in a future business school be a case study of everything NOT to do in a business situation. I hope the workers get the jobs they deserve from Boeing’s competitor.

And hopefully Airbus will never be crowned with a Crown O’ Polished Turds, as those lying sacks of s*** at Boeing have just been.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky