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The United States of America is a secular nation, founded by (mostly) Christian men. They knew the dangers of a Theocracy, and so ruled one out in the first part of the First Amendment to our Constitution. It’s known as the Establishment Clause, and it goes like this:
“Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

Pretty unambiguous, you’d say, and you’d be correct. But lots of corrupt, hateful, greedy, power-mad motherf***ers want to ignore that very clear part of our law and make their own personal church the official church of America. And God help you if you don’t go along, because the Churchies certainly won’t.

People, the law means what it says. If you don’t like the Constitution, feel free to try and amend it. But until then, just obey the friggin’ law. Please?

Mr. B & C

This is beyond belief, even for politicians. You may recall that that Penn State agreed to pay 60 million dollars to a fund that would help the many victims of child sexual abuse committed and/or enabled by their people. Google “Jerry Sandusky” if you need a refresher.

But Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature and Governor, as one of their first acts of business of the year, passed a bill giving themselves the right to steal that money. We repeat: Tom Corbett and his cronies are committing further crimes against abused children.

Regardless of your political views or party affiliation, this writer trusts you are outraged. And if you’re not, it is to be hoped that you have no access to either children or public funds: because anyone who would support these despicable and heinous actions shouldn’t even be allowed to walk the streets, much less have access to our kids.

It would be no surprise to find out that Corbett and Co. and their supporters are also serial child rapists. After all, who else would support the abuse of children, as they so clearly do?

Mr. B & C

In the “nobody could be THAT sleazy” competition of 2013, the Virginia Senate’s GOP caucus has truly raised the bar for all the other sleazebuckets who would contend for the title. This was sleaze combined with racism, gall, and a truly epic flip o’ the bird to any sense of cooperation, bipartisanship, respect, or fair play. We are talking EPIC, here, peeps: Wow.

Short version: while a black State Senator ( and veteran of the Civil Rights movement) was, on Martin Luther King Day attending the public inauguration of a black President, the Virginia Repubs took advantage of his absence to ram a gerrymandering plan through that would diminish the impact of minority votes. You see, had he been there, there would have been a 20:20 tie between the Elephants and the Donkeys, and the bill would have been debated and passed (or not) on a bipartisan basis.

But nooooooo. The “republicans” in Virginia want to rig future elections by gerrymandering the state and to Hell with the wishes of the governed. Those voters expressed their wishes by electing equal numbers of Repubs and Dems. Got that? Virginians explicitly rejected partisanship with their votes. But the GOP could give a rat’s fart about what the electorate wants: for them it is all about power and wealth for their party and those that bribe them.

Oh, and the racism: after all the slights against black folk already named above, and the dirty pool played in order to screw black voters and elected officials; when their “work” was done, the Senate adjourned “in memory of Thomas J. ‘Stonewall’ Jackson”.

Just to make it crystal clear: after taking a number of questionable actions that were specifically targeted to hurt black people, on Martin Luther King Day, the Virginia Senate “republicans” chose to honor a Confederate General.You know, a guy who betrayed his service oath and took up arms against his country in order to keep black people in chains.

Virginia voters, you can do two things: either embrace your Pro-Slavery Republicans; or kick their asses until they stop doing this crap. By your choice, we shall know you.

Mr. B& C

First off, let’s note that Secretary Of State (SOS) has the same acronym as Sack Of S*** (SOS). Coincidence? Mr. Blunt and Cranky thinks not. is a link to a story that shows just how much of a scum-sucking partisan is Mr. J. Husted, and how pissed off the judiciary is getting with his reindeer games. He has spent loads of scarce taxpayer money trying to suppress Dem voters, all with the blessing of Kasich and the rest of the “Republican” yahoos that run the State-level government here in O-H-I-O. Indeed, he has gone all the way up the judicial ladder with his sleazy, unconstitutional power plays and been shot down like a skeet on almost every occasion. But does he stop? Nooooooooo. He keeps on keeping on in his quest to steal the next election (since he failed miserably this time), and be damned to those who want free and fair elections: or even those who just want him to stop wasting our money.

Nor is he the only SOS who is stinking up the joint: in Kansas, they have a jackass who is busy trying to get every non-lily-white person in the U.S. deported (even if they were born here). Any of those swarthy folk he can’t boot out, he is trying to remove from the state voter rolls. Citizens there are trying to recall his ass, so far without success.

And let’s not even talk about the malodorous SOS in Florida, who is working with Rick Scott to make his state into a bigger banana republic (and laughingstock) than it already is. Yes, you thought it couldn’t happen: but they are giving it their all. Bless their pointed little heads.

These “people” are required to be fair and impartial: they don’t even pretend anymore. Or, if they are pretending, not much of anybody is buying their act. But they continue trying to steal elections, disenfranchise voters, waste our hard-earned and generally making a mockery of the oaths they swore.

Throw ‘em in prison (since we aren’t allowed to use stocks in the village square anymore) and let them rot. We do that to criminals who steal cars: we should most certainly do it to politicians who are stealing whole state governments. Perhaps the next politician who “serves” as SOS will take the lesson and actually do the job he promised to do.

Mr. B & C

This picture taken at the Marengo Christian Church in North Wherethehell, Ohio:


This church has a shooting range out back, which is crazy enough right there: also, it freaks out the neighbors and has raised their homeowner’s insurance premiums (and lowered their property values into the bargain). But that’s all OK by the Marengo Churchies, because evidently Jesus wants us all to pack hidden heat so as to blow each other away. Mr. Blunt and Cranky has read a good deal of Bible, and cannot find any verse in which He said that.

Do you really want to have a government run by a load of homicidal, fundagelical loons?  Because this Christian Patriot Militia would dearly love to run your life. If that doesn’t scare you, you’re pretty much in a coma.

This picture taken at the Bible Baptist Church in West Wherethehell, Ohio:


Evidently, they don’t read enough of the Bible they named their church after: anyone who has knows that God has not governed in person since Adam and Eve got evicted from Eden. Every ruler since who claims to be ruling according to God’s will (like Jim Jones, Pope Innocent III, Khomeini and so on) is just another schmuck like the rest of us. So there really isn’t any way to have God rule us here on earth (which, by the way, Jesus Himself said).

These people really need to have their legal wings clipped, and kept from imposing their Sharia-On-Steroids laws on the rest of us.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky was driving to The Place That Pays Him To Go There, and listening to the news along the way, as is his wont. One story that caught his attention was about a group of Loony Lefties that were protesting in front of President Obama’s local election office at the Ohio State University. The core message of their screechfest? Why, that Obama is not sufficiently perfect, so some of them would sit out the election in a sulk, because they did not get every single item on their Leftie wish list. Never mind that Obama has handed the Left more goodies than any other Prexy since LBJ (or maybe even FDR): it is not enough for these spoiled, greedy brats. 

One must assume these stupid f***s were real crybabies on Christmas day as they were growing up, if they didn’t get ev-ar-ree-THING on their Santa list. Certainly, they are acting that way now, throwing temper tantrums and threatening to not vote if Obama does not somehow develop superpowers and single-handedly create a magical rainbow-pony paradise in a single instant. Hell, these idiots would probably STILL bitch if the magical rainbow ponies didn’t poop sparkly butterflies.

Of all the stupid f***s that this writer has encountered in his long life, this bunch is the stupid f***iest. Krishna on a pogo stick, these thrice-damned morons clearly either do not remember that the exact same action by the Loony Left in 2000 was a major reason that Bush The Dumber was able to occupy the Oval Office for eight years – eight years in which the Left got the living s*** kicked out of it (along with the economy, our rights, our soldiers, the middle class, and much of the Middle East); or they are so far beyond ordinary stupid f***itude that they feel justified in enabling the Bushies to take power. And that would be truly epic stupid f***ery.

Much as it grieves this radical centrist to point it out, the Presidential election is a binary choice, no matter what sort of stupid f***ing crap these petulant brats may believe. If you vote for one, you also vote against the other. If you vote for neither, you are still tacitly voting for one or the other.

Specifically: if you are anything other than a Raging Righty and you do not vote for Obama, then you have f***ing well voted for Romney. Remember in 2000, all the thumb-sucking stupid f*** extremist liberals who did not vote for Gore?  Those were effective votes for Bush. Not voting for the Dem = a vote for the Repub (and vice versa, of course).  It is pure mathematics and it’s not amenable to pseudo-intellectual sophomoric debate. One or the other.  D or R.  Sucks, but that’s the reality of vote tabulation in 2012 America, at the national level at least.

Please, don’t be like The Stupidest  F*** in the World, currently on tour and demonstrating his uber-stupid f***itude at the Ohio State University. Be like the smart kid that was interviewed on the news broadcast: she is a Loony Leftie and isn’t happy with Obama, but she is going to vote against Romney.

You can be smart, or you can be a contestant for the title of Stupidest  F*** in the World. Please be smart.

Mr. B & C

P.S.: The Crankster is an Independent, and truly wishes the binary nature of Presidential elections were not so. But he learned long ago: “wish in one hand and hold a horseapple in the other, squeeze them both, and see which one comes true”. We must deal with the world as it is, not as it should be: and meanwhile, work to create the world that we want, so that someday we may no longer be obliged to choose between two handfuls of crap. Meanwhile, we oftimes are obliged to just pick the hand with the smaller piece of poo in it.