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Once again, we breathe a sigh of relief that this idiotic gnome never became President: yesterday, he said he could tell us which Syrian rebel groups would be our allies in the future. Yes. He said it. Listen here if you doubt the Cranky One.

To make such a statement, one would assume he has  an awesome track record when picking partners and predicting outcomes in the Middle East. But alas, he does not:

But to buy into the McCain-knows-best version of the Iraq war, you have to ignore a lot of history. McCain was among the most aggressive proponents of a preemptive strike against Saddam Hussein, cosponsoring the resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq. He also expressed full faith in the way it would be executed — a war plan conceived and executed by Rumsfeld.
He did call for more troops in Iraq sooner than some, but later than others who made the same argument before the first shots were even fired. And McCain’s support for Rumsfeld only evaporated over time, as it became painfully clear that the war in Iraq was going south.

Senator McCain has pretty much been wrong on the Middle East whenever he opened his mouth on the subject. Here is a short list of applicable quotes. But just as crashing multiple jets failed to damage his Navy career, being totally wrong about Iraq has not hurt his career in the Senate.

This writer wishes reporters would stop asking an obvious nincompoop for his opinion. But since journos aren’t smart enough for that, let’s ask John McCain to STFU. Or else give his staff a big-assed roll of duct tape for McCain’s mouth.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

As you know, seven third-graders died in a massive tornado in their elementary school this week: they were suffocated by their school building when it collapsed on them. They died because, and only because, the cheap-ass mother***ers who built their schools decided not to spend money on storm shelters.

Moore’s mayor has seen the light, and is demanding that replacement buildings have storm shelters. One might think that was common sense, and one would be right.

But alas, common sense is anything but common: Moore’s city manager (Steve Eddy) hates the idea: he says that locals don’t like people telling them what to do. Really, Steve? Somebody has to tell you to protect children? Christ on a pogo stick.

He also says that while “you can’t count the value or cost of lives”, “you can count the cost of construction”, and that “homebuilders are influential”. Translation: “it’s better to let kids get killed than it is to spend money to protect them”. Christ on an electric pogo stick.

Mr. Eddy represents everything that is wrong with the Teabaggers and Wingnut “Republicans”: all they care about is slashing services to the community and transferring our tax dollars to their fat-cat buddies. They do. not. care. if our kids die (or if we do). 

Do you care about the lives of children? Here’s Stevie-boy’s phone number: (405) 793-5200.

Let the stupid, heartless bastard know what you think.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

It says something about our nation that nothing can simultaneously unite and divide us like the IRS. As you know, some idiots at that agency did some idiot s***, and their idiot bosses didn’t smack them down soon enough. So of course, everybody hates the IRS even more than they usually do. And the wingnuts already hate Obama so much, they can’t hate him any more without their heads exploding (the sensible people just shake our heads at the poor schmuck).

Using political criteria as the IRS did is despicable and anyone who did it should get de-jobbed as soon as they have been proven guilty. Targeting certain groups of people for “special treatment” is the sort of thing that was done by the Romans, Spartans and the Spanish Inquisition, to name a few examples. “Chilling effect” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Speaking of targeting people for harassment, Congressional “Republicans” have seized upon this as Yet Another Chance To Beat On The Black President instead of doing useful work. We need a budget, laws, all sorts of tasks accomplished that only Congress can do: and they are doing none of it. Because they are spending what little time they actually spend at “work” trying to de-job Obama.

Screw anyone who is screwing We The People: especially the IRS and Congress. With the aforementioned chainsaw. And not gently.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky