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Mr. Blunt and Cranky grew up in the sort of town where one could see “retired” men spending a lot of time going from store to store on a daily basis. Until the state created its own lottery, thus effectively ending the illegal numbers racket, after which these men seemed much less active. Just getting older and slowing down, no doubt.

A key lesson learned from one of these oh-no-not-a-gangster-not-at-all gentlemen, overheard while he was talking with another of his ilk: “You are looking for good will. There is no good will for people like them: there is only advantage”. Words to ponder, and words many Americans have evidently never heard.

As we have seen over the past few years, the “Republican” party has abandoned any small remaining shred of goodwill, of comity, of cooperation, of respect, or any of the virtues that allow people of divergent backgrounds to live together in reasonable peace and relative harmony. They do not care about anyone else’s viewpoint and indeed, wish to stifle and suppress such viewpoints. If possible, they’d dearly love to imprison or deport anyone who does not march in lockstep with them, 24/7/365.  Good will? They have no use for it.

Within the past ten days, a few examples of this attitude and how it hurts the rest of us:

Number A: Michigan “Republicans” just rammed through a union-busting bill in a lame-duck session. Why? Because in January a few Democrats will replace a few Repubs, and they will lose the ability to do such partisan s***. For right now, they have complete control and are using it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

Letter 2: Michigan’s “Republican” governor has just been granted emergency powers that are not subject to the approval of those governed. He can take over cities, school districts, etc. and do whatever he likes to whoever and whatever he likes. Or give the job to a crony of his. Either way, he and his party have complete control and are using it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

Thirdly: “No worries”, you say, “we can recall the b***ards”. Ummm…no…you see, the “Republicans” of Michigan just passed a law that makes it incredibly difficult to recall an elected official. This makes it easier to have complete control and use it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

Fourth Item: Michigan “Republicans” rewrote their concealed carry policies to allow people to carry guns into schools and other such places. Never mind what the cops think, the legislators want the cash that the gun lobby is bribing them with. In other words, again, they have complete control and are using it for their own greedy, power-hungry benefit.

That’s just part of what these partisans have done in just a few days, in just one state. Get the picture, folks? 

You. Can. Not. Negotiate. With. These. People.  “Republicans” don’t believe in compromise: to them it is profanity. They openly say things like “bipartisanship means coming around to the Republican point of view”.   They are not like you or I; they don’t give a happy monkey fart about your point of view, and they are after each and every bit of power, wealth, and control they can get. 

You can go to the well of “mutual understanding and cooperation” and drop in a bucket as many times as you wish, and you’ll always come up dry. So stop, okay, just stop pretending that they are reasonable people.

These people do not understand good will: for them there is only advantage.

Monday – the only way to solve the problem.

Mr. B & C

Yes, that’s right:  Mitt Romney’s son Tagg (short for “Taggart – may or may  not be named after Mr. Taggart from Blazing Saddles) controls the company that controls Hart Intercivic,  manufacturer and operator of the vote-casting and vote-counting  equipment in some key Ohio precincts:

For those of you who don’t know, these devices have a long list of security and quality “issues”:

Mr. Blunt and Cranky knows a lot more than he is allowed to say about how elections are conducted and the equipment used to conduct them. He can say this much: like any technology, they can be used in an honest or a dishonest manner. And dishonesty is hard to catch with this particular company’s products. So it really matters who is running the boxes.

Li’l Tagg, being the speak-first-think-later chip off the ol’ block that he is, recently threatened the Prexy with physical violence. No doubt he’ll get a pass from the Secret Service due to his connections, but you have to wonder about people who utter such illegal statements. If they do not respect the laws and institutions that have made America a beacon of hope and freedom, it is a fair bet they’ll be willing to break other laws: in young master Romney’s case, the laws against vote tampering and election rigging.

A bit of history: former Senator Chuck Hagel’s first election win was a “stunning upset”. The votes were counted by a company called ES&S: Hagel then owned ES&S. So, the idea that Tagg could swing the election for his daddy is not at all farfetched.

Another bit of history: “Who votes, decides nothing. Who counts the votes, decides everything.” (Joseph Stalin)

Mr. B & C