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This showed up on a friend’s feed, and the Cranky One just had to post it here. Because with all the Benghazi/IRS/NSA brouhahi, it’s a good bet you haven’t heard about it. In less than four years, Obama has cut the budget deficit he inherited from the Shrub in half. That’s right, a “tax and spend Democrat” is a better money manager than a “conservative Republican”. Don’t believe it? Tough rocks, pal, here are the numbers:

Nor is it the first time. Clinton did the same thing to another Bush deficit, if you’ll bother to remember.

It is time for us to throw away the old labels and advertising slogans, and look at the facts. And the facts say, without equivocation, that modern Democrats spend less and tax less than do modern “Republicans”. Shocking, yes. But true. You want to pay less in taxes? Vote for Dems. Believe it or not.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

They’re at it again, America’s most ridiculous batch of ass-backwards Robbing Hoods. Ohio (completely controlled by the Elephants, no Democrats to blame) “legislators” are out to bone the majority in order to redistribute our money to their fat-cat cronies. And the worst of it is, they’ve done the exact same thing before.

You see, back under the regime of self-confessed and convicted criminal Bob Taft, Ohio Repubs passed a tax cut for the rich, paid for by jacking up the sales tax. Said sales tax being paid in large measure by the poor and middle class. The largest tax increase (in dollars) in the history of Ohio.

One more time: Republicans rammed through the largest tax increase in history. Yes, Republicans. Look it up. And they took from the working people and the poor, to give to the rich.

At least, it’s the largest one so far. This one might f*** us all even worse. Crowns O’ Polished Turds all ’round the Statehouse, to decorate the s***head ‘Phants that are looting us all to feather their own nests.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky