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Yes, that hypocritical parasite is lapping up luxury in Switzerland at our expense. This after telling unemployed Americans that there was no money for them.

It is time for America’s hard-working citizens to realize this truth: we send billions upon billions to these lying leeches in our taxes, and they blow our money on luxury trips, private barbers, and shovel millions of dollars to their billionaire buddies. And then they tell us that the country is broke. Bull-f***ing-s***. We aren’t broke at all. There is a lot of money there.

But the money is wasted and stolen by the “trickle-down” crowd in Congress. A perfect example: Cantor’s luxurious trip to Davos will cost more in a day than an unemployed person will get in six months.

Repeat: Eric Cantor’s luxurious trip to Davos will cost more in one single day than a REAL hard-working American’s unemployment benefits would cost for half a year.

Sick of Teapublicans yet? Then for crying out loud, stop f***ing voting for them.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

And they STILL hate the United States and its taxes: Yes, even though several governments (including ours) saved their stupid, sorry, incompetent a**es, they still hate the country that gave them birth.

Hannah Gastonguay and her husband decided that it would be a spiffy idea to endanger themselves and their two preschool-aged daughters by setting sail for a Polynesian island, that presumably would not spend their tax money on anything they didn’t agree with. Amazingly stupid from the beginning, and they just got dumber as time went on.

As one of the tax-funded public servants who has been caring for their idiotic selves said, “”They were looking for a kind of adventure. They wanted to live on a Polynesian island but they didn’t have sufficient expertise to navigate adequately”. They ran out of food, got lost, and were saved by sailors, ships, and helicopters, at least partly paid for by the governments of Venezuela, Japan, Chile, and the United States.

And the family’s response to this demonstration of the positive impact of government and the taxes that find them?

“Hannah Gastonguay said the family will now “go back to Arizona” and “come up with a new plan.”

Yep, they haven’t changed their minds one bit. This is what happens when religion, parenting, and sailing are done by the blind, moronic, and willfully pig-ignorant.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky


This showed up on a friend’s feed, and the Cranky One just had to post it here. Because with all the Benghazi/IRS/NSA brouhahi, it’s a good bet you haven’t heard about it. In less than four years, Obama has cut the budget deficit he inherited from the Shrub in half. That’s right, a “tax and spend Democrat” is a better money manager than a “conservative Republican”. Don’t believe it? Tough rocks, pal, here are the numbers:

Nor is it the first time. Clinton did the same thing to another Bush deficit, if you’ll bother to remember.

It is time for us to throw away the old labels and advertising slogans, and look at the facts. And the facts say, without equivocation, that modern Democrats spend less and tax less than do modern “Republicans”. Shocking, yes. But true. You want to pay less in taxes? Vote for Dems. Believe it or not.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky was ever so very happy to find that the New York Times did his job for him today:

Those who click the link (and please, please do so) will find what most non-partisan experts have been saying for years: that the Gummint has to quit giving away free money to people and organizations that do not need it. And that tax breaks are the same thing as spending.

Take a moment and let that sink in, because the odds are  better than even that you’ve never heard this from the talking heads or your “representatives”. They act as though spending money on, say, Granny’s medication is different than, say, taxing Mitt Romney at an artificially low rate. But there is no difference whatsoever to the balance sheet: money that goes out the door is money that goes out the door, period.

Money that comes in is revenue. Everything else (be it “spending” or foregone revenue) is expense. Mr. Boehner, remember this simple bit of math the next time you and Boy Munster dream up a “budget”.

Mr. B & C

As Mr. Blunt and Cranky has previously opined, the 2012 national election results were a sight for sore eyes: the nation administered the gentlest of bitch-slaps to DC “Republicans” by electing just a few more Democrats. That’ll make it a bit harder for the Boehner Brigade and McConnell Minions to run roughshod over the wishes of the American majority. This should enable a wee bit of bipartisanship. Yay.

Ohio voters, on the other hand, displayed their usual blend of stupidity and selective amnesia by putting one party in complete and absolute control of the government. Yes, a purple state decided to make its government as red as red can get.

This after the Repubs did the following to the Buckeye State within the past two years: handed millions of dollars of public money to a bunch of Kasich’s cronies with no oversight; tried to screw police officers and firefighters out of their benefits; tried to restrict the right to vote; allowed gas wells to be drilled almost anywhere, including next to school playgrounds; and cut the budgets for almost everyone except buddies of Repub politicos. (Note: this is not a complete list.)

So after being boned in such a blatant manner, what did a large percentage of Ohioans do? Why, they decided to elect even more Repubs, so we can can get reamed even more frequently than we are already.

As the song says, “Eh, oh, way to go Ohio”. What a bunch of buffoons we are.

Mr. B & C

We often hear that government should have to balance its checkbook, “just like the average American family does”. By and large, the pundits and politicos that Mr. Blunt and Cranky has heard espousing this line have focused on our national “family” cutting back on expenses. As a family man who can, indeed, balance a checkbook, he knows that you can only cut so much before you start skimping on meals, medicines, winter coats for the kids, etc.  No, sometimes a family member has to get a second job to get the accounts back order.

So it is with governments local, state and national: you can only cut so much before you have to bring in some more green and folding to keep the lights on.  And in spite of inflation, wars, national calamities, and a host of other costly items, we have kept taxes low and even lowered some further. We are at the point where the majority of the financially literate amongst American families and businesses are saying “enough already, raise some friggin’ taxes”.

In this case, we had 8+ years of a Congress that  ran up the credit card balance to absurd heights (like many families have done), and now don’t want to look at the common-sense solution of bringing in more money temporarily  to pay it off (like many families have done). If government officials are so fond of the “family” analogy, let’s see them follow it more closely.

Mr. B & C

As you’ll recall, the Ryan Budget (which Romney’s people say he’d have signed) would have turned Medicare into a voucher system for people in Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s age group. In other words, if these yahoos win, he will be f***ed out of the Medicare benefits for which he has been paying over the past 38 years.

Do they care? No. These are not people who honor contracts or deals that do not profit them personally. Look at their records and you can see that self-interest is their M.O. They are going to steal  (or perhaps we should say “harvest”?) our money and give us nothing in return. That allows them to shift more money to themselves, their buddies and paymasters; a re-distribution of wealth that would make Nottingham jealous.

You have been warned –  if you are under the magic cutoff age, the money you have sent to Washington in exchange for Medicare will be gone. Stolen by Ryan/Romney and the rest of the “Republican” party. Stolen in broad daylight, and no cops available to arrest them for the crime: because the crime will have been committed by the lawmakers, hence it would be a “legal robbery”. Tens of thousands of dollars of YOUR HARD-EARNED CASH, stolen by the GOP.

Tell me again why you’re voting for these crooks, please.

Mr. B & C