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Once again, we see just how screwed we are as a nation: Dems and their lassitude lost another election because too many of them were too f***ing lazy to cast a f***ing ballot. So now we have a corporate whore, lobbyist, and proto-Teabagger winning the FL-13 special election. And he won because Teabaggers and “Republicans” turn out and vote in off-year elections, but Dem voters can’t be bothered to spend a few minutes to vote, once every couple of years.

And it’s not like Democrats don’t know about the problem; Hell, the punditocracy is constantly talking about it. Obama has been bringing the issue up ad nauseum. And when Dems get off their asses, they tend to win.

But this time, the lazy left and slothful center have once again screwed the pooch by inaction. Another corrupt, lying, partisan Wingnut is headed to a Congress that is already full of such creatures. And a sensible, factual, hard-working public servant is staying in Florida.

It is the fault of lazy voters who are so stupid, unmotivated, and useless that they can’t even scribble on a piece of paper and mail it; or drive a few miles and poke at a computer screen for two minutes.

F*** all “citizens” who let us down this week. And the same for all those who do the same later this year.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Lots of people are blaming ObamaCare for their health policy cancellations and premium increases. These people are either stupid or have no long-term memory functions. The health insurers have been screwing us and in some cases killing us, all so they can make obscene profits and live lives of luxury while we go bankrupt or worse. And they are still doing so. Note this well, Cranky Nation: the real enemy has not changed.

The reason policies are being cancelled and premiums jacked up is a business decision: to increase profits for the health insurance companies. It has nothing to do with Obama. Same with network limitations, co-pay increases, and the other impacts we are seeing. It is a way for the business to make money.

And that is what for-profit businesses do. They make money. They always have, and always will. In fact, that is the natural order of things.

Now, if the government ran the health care system, none of this would happen. You’d pay your taxes and get your health care, because governments don’t have to make a profit. In fact, they can’t. They are graded on how well or poorly they deliver services, not on how much money they make. So they will deliver better care. Look at every other industrial democracy if you don’t believe it.

But the same memory-challenged fools that are stupidly blaming Obama for raising their rates are in most cases also the same idiots who oppose national health care, so we should not be surprised when they say stupid s***. And we shouldn’t expect the media to report these stories accurately, or for the greedy motherf***ers who run for-profit health care companies to be honest.

But we SHOULD expect ourselves to remember that insurance companies have been f***ing us for many years now, and we should blame them first when they continue to f*** us. Otherwise, WE are the idiots, and deserve those painful, unhealthy reamings.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

That is why they don’t worry about governing, the budget, or even keeping the government functioning. The Teapublicans are concerned with nothing but taking over the rest of the government of the United States. And they say so themselves:

As a two-term chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, Rep. Pete Sessions has never been known for reaching across the aisle.
In the year since relinquishing that gig and taking the gavel of the Rules Committee, the Texas Republican is still focused on politics and elections — and scoring points for the GOP.
And right now, he’s got one target in his sights.
“Everything we do in this body should be about messaging to win back the Senate,” he said. “That’s it.”

It’s not the first time we have heard such statements. But lots of Americans keep acting as though these power-hungry motherf***ers are kidding, or don’t really mean it. (Remember THIS? ) Wake up, peeps, they really do. And they show it, every day. By ignoring the needs of the nation and spending 100% of their time on partisan politics. What other reason could there be for acting thus?

There isn’t another reason. Their words and deeds align with the reality: “Republicans ” are focused on taking complete control of the entire nation, and the lives of the people who inhabit it (and that means US, Gentle Reader). Vote them out before they accomplish their clearly-stated goal – a coup.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Ted Cruz thinks that defeat is victory; or at least, he thinks that being ahead during a contest means more than who actually wins or loses at the end of a contest: From the article:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday blasted members of his own party after he said that they wasted a “remarkable victory” by making a deal with Democrats to re-open the government and avert a default on U.S. debt by raising the nation’s credit limit

Of course, Teapublicans did not win a victory at the end of the recent shutdown/default debacle. At the end, they were forced to “surrender”, in the words of Speaker Boehner. Most of us see a surrender as a, well, defeat. But not Teddy Boi Cruz. In his world:

  • Cleveland won a remarkable victory last week, because they led at the half. (Of course, Detroit won the game later)
  • Rome won a remarkable victory over Rebbe Yeshua bar Joseph when they crucified him. (Of course, the Christians  are still around, and the Roman empire is long gone).
  • England won a remarkable victory over the rebellious American colonies…you get the idea.

Clearly, Teddy Boi hasn’t a clue about the English language. Buy the fool a dictionary, someone, PLEASE.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

It says something about our nation that nothing can simultaneously unite and divide us like the IRS. As you know, some idiots at that agency did some idiot s***, and their idiot bosses didn’t smack them down soon enough. So of course, everybody hates the IRS even more than they usually do. And the wingnuts already hate Obama so much, they can’t hate him any more without their heads exploding (the sensible people just shake our heads at the poor schmuck).

Using political criteria as the IRS did is despicable and anyone who did it should get de-jobbed as soon as they have been proven guilty. Targeting certain groups of people for “special treatment” is the sort of thing that was done by the Romans, Spartans and the Spanish Inquisition, to name a few examples. “Chilling effect” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Speaking of targeting people for harassment, Congressional “Republicans” have seized upon this as Yet Another Chance To Beat On The Black President instead of doing useful work. We need a budget, laws, all sorts of tasks accomplished that only Congress can do: and they are doing none of it. Because they are spending what little time they actually spend at “work” trying to de-job Obama.

Screw anyone who is screwing We The People: especially the IRS and Congress. With the aforementioned chainsaw. And not gently.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Congresscritters are, as we know, are regarded very poorly by the public they allegedly “serve”: so poorly, they are ranked just barely above Ebola. Both parties in Congress are so viewed, although “Republicans” are ranked as the lowest of the low.

That being the case, the Boehner Brigade and Marching McConnells are trying to figure out how to change their image, without having to change anything that they say or do. Sort of like re-naming sewage as “treatable water”.

They would do well to remember the results of a recent Mythbusters episode:

They found that you CAN, indeed, polish a turd.

However, it still looked like a piece of s***.

Mr. B & C

This is a news story about a stupid, bigoted,ignorant, traitorous right-wing scumball who wants the President dead. His pickup truck has a spray-painted sign on the side that reads: “Lee Harvey Oswald where are you when we need U”.

Pretty clear: he is advocating the murder of a sitting President. Of course, when asked about it, “Chuck” tried to weasel out, but like most of his ilk was not convincing.

This kind of un-American crap has got to stop. This writer sincerely hopes that the horse’s ass who wrote that sign gets enough negative feedback that he learns to be a true patriot who supports our Constitutional government and lives by its laws.

Because right now, he is an advocate of terrorism. And if we learned nothing else from Timothy McVeigh and Osama Bin Laden, we should at least have learned to have a zero-tolerance policy towards those who want to destroy our way of life, and the government that makes it possible.

Mr. B & C

At yesterday’s hearings on Gun Control, the ever-unhinged NRA mouthpiece Wayne LaPierre repeated one of the standard “Republican” lines: that we do not need new laws until President Obama enforces the existing ones. Sounds reasonable until you remember that:

Number A: the biggest impediment to the enforcement of existing laws is the Teapublicans’ persistent defunding of the government agencies who are charged with said enforcement. These Right-Wing fools expect our public safety resources to do more and more, while simultaneously refusing to pay them for so doing. Repubs must think money magically appears when needed, perhaps delivered by perky little fairies riding unicorns.

Letter 2: it is not Obama’s job to enforce each and every law on the books. No one person can do that. It takes thousands of people at all levels of government to do so. And they, too, have had their authority undermined, staffs reduced and budgets slashed by the “conservative” “Republicans”, to the point that they can barely do anything to enforce any laws at all.

Tell you what, Waynie old buddy old pal: give the cops the money and resources they need to enforce existing laws before you trot out that line of B.S. again.

Mr. B & C