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Another example of why the “no difference between the parties” line is a bunch of bulls***. Dems fight against Terrorists in word and deed, while Teapubbies talk a big game when it comes to law and order: but the Repub walk doesn’t match the talk.

Example Number A, take Cliven Bundy and his Moocher Militia, who violated even more laws than Bin Laden, but still got support from the GOP. In fact, not only do Repubs support Bundy’s sedition, they were lining up to get their pictures taken with him. And after members of the Bundy Bunch murdered some cops, “Republicans” said and did little or nothing  – except, of course, continued support.

Example Letter 2:  we see that Repubs love the Sovereign Citizen terrorists. The Justice Department calls these mutts the most dangerous security threat to our nation, but that doesn’t stop GOP politicos like LePage from including them in their inner circles, or granting them rights to carry weapons that scare the sh** out of law-abiding Americans. Hell, even when they commit terrorist crimes the Repubs don’t do much of anything about it.

Example the Third: always remember, Gentle Reader, Bush and his fellow Repubs allowed Bin Laden to get away with murder – the worst foreign terrorist attack on our soil, thousands dead, and the Tevangelicals said “meh”. They used hs face to whip up the population in a manner that even Goebbels would have envied. But while abusing his face, Repubs kissed his a**. Then, of course, they bitched about Obama, who brought Bin Laden to justice.

There we have it,  another example of the enormous differences between the two political parties.

Remember this when a Raging Righty or Loony Leftie tries to tell you that there is “little or no dfference”: that is a big, fat lie.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Here is the link to the American Insurgent Movement Facebook page. Here is one part of their “manifesto”, again openly displayed on Facebook at the time of this blog’s posting:

AIM is a Pre-Constitutionalist Community that offers those who seek True Patriotism and are looking for absolute Freedom by doing the Will of God. Who want to restore America Pre-Constitutionally and look forward to stopping the Regime with action by bloodshed. To remove those by force whom don’t agree with the Restoration of the Republic…

Note that the terror group’s website ( has been pulled down, after the FBI found out about their leader’s plans for a bloodbath and caught him in the act. But his Facebook page is still up.

Facebook takes quick action to censor pages that advocate for LGBT rights, along with assorted liberal groups. Post a pic of two dudes kissing, and it’s likely to get your account yanked and the page disappeared, but advocating the violent overthrow of the US Government? No problem, says Facebook. Sedition, mass murder, treason, these are evidently cherished values at the House that Zuckerberg Built. But no pictures of icky gay kisses.

If you want a snapshot of just how f***ed we are as a society, look no further than Facebook’s tolerance of murder, and Facebook’s censorship of love.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Lindsey Graham, among others, has been blaming the Boston Marathon Bombing on the Obama administration. Because? Well, as far as Mr. Blunt and Cranky can tell, the Repub’s reason boils down to “because f*** Obama”. They would have us believe that the Dems are “soft on crime” and “weak on terrorism”, and other such nonsensical twaddle. Because, well, “f*** Obama”.

Let’s look at some actual results, and see how well this incredibly intellectual analysis holds up, shall we? We shall, oh yes, we shall: terrorist attacks on American soil.

9/11: Bush The Dumber fumbles, flops, disappears, and comes back with a megaphone-aided photo op. He caught very few of the perpetrators, wasted billions of dollars, and generally did damn-all to bring the guilty to justice. In fact, Obama had to catch or kill the perps when he got into office because BTD didn’t get around to it.

4/15: Obama immediately tells his peeps, “Go get those mother***ers”. The perps were caught or killed in less than a week.

It sure looks like this Prexy did a lot better job of keeping us safe than the previous Oval Office occupant. Advantage: Obama.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Today is 9/11, and lots of politicians will be pointing fingers at each other, patting themselves on backs, demonizing the other party, and taking credit for actions, deservedly and undeservedly. Mister Blunt and Cranky is blessed with (or perhaps “afflicted by” is a better way of saying it) an excellent memory, and he will say two things that we should all remember:

Number A: Bill Clinton tried but failed to kill Bin Laden and wipe out al-Qaeda;

Letter 2: Bush The Dumber ignored Bin Laden and al-Qaeda until 9/11; after which date HE tried but failed to kill Bin Laden and wipe out al-Qaeda.

Both administrations were warned about the threat, and showed varying degrees of willingness to accept input from national security experts.  Unlike the batshit-crazy “Truthers”, this writer will not say that Bush The Dumber was responsible for 9/11. He will, however, say that the evidence shows that experts were trying to get the attention of the Bushies, and the Bushies did not listen: is one of many sources.

It is a fruitless waste of time to speculate on what could have been changed had Condi, Dickie, and Co. shut their mouths long enough to open their ears. It is NOT, however, a waste of time to remember their unwillingness to listen to experts at a time of grave peril to our nation; and to remember the consequences of that failure to listen.

Too often, executives and others hide behind their preconceived notions and ignore any input that does not fit into those preconceptions. As we move into a future of a deteriorating global security environment, we need to learn from the mistakes of 2001 and pay attention when the intelligent individual we hired is trying to tell us something we may not want to hear.

These days, it can be a matter of life and death.

Mr. B & C

P.S. President Obama did listen to his smart people, and has wasted a whole load of terrorist mother***ers (including OBL) as a result. Listening works.