ObamaCare is the current excuse du jour, of course. But there is always some scapegoat that employers will blame decisions on (because, hey, who wants to put “because we’re greedy motherf***ers” in a corporate announcement?). So where it used to be “burdensome regulations”, they now say “ObamaCare” when trying to pad their illegal offshore bank accounts at the expense of their employees.

Today, let’s talk about Trader Joe’s. They recently made a decision to summarily take health care bennies away from all their part-time workers. They claim it’s a benefit, that these people can get their health care cheaper that way, oh gee golly aren’t they beneficent exploiters employers for making this change: but employees are not fooled. And they are some kinda ticked off.

See, some of those workers would in fact save money via the ACA’s health care exchanges. Lots would not – in fact, their costs would go up, so they’d lose money. Lots of money. But guess who makes money on each and every employee who had their benefits yanked away? Why, Trader Joe’s, that’s who. Millions of dollars flowing into the pockets of the corpulent corporate types: dollars that the company used to spend on benefits.

Had management REALLY cared about these workers, they’d have given the employees an option: keep what you have, or go get your health insurance elsewhere. But they did not do that. They screwed their employees and used ObamaCare as the excuse.

This writer is done shopping at Trader Joe’s until they reverse course, and suggests that you do so as well. In fact, forward this post along to all and sundry, and let’s see how big of  a hit we can to deliver to their wallets. You can  (and should) also vent your spleen at those greedy bastards: http://www.traderjoes.com/about/general-feedback-form.asp

Mr. Blunt and Cranky