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Slow and steady. And quiet, no leaks. Here’s hoping they bust a lot of rape freaks.

For those of you who don’t know why this is a big deal, click here for the back story.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

In America, far too many rapists are not made to pay for their crimes, and so they go merrily raping along, while their victims’ cases are marginalized, deprioritized, or just plain ignored by the local law enforcement agencies who are supposed to “protect and serve” them. Sometimes this happens because of incompetence, sometimes it’s corruption or ignorance, and sometimes it’s because the cops secretly think that women are to blame for being raped. Regardless of the cause, it’s a shameful fact that Rape Culture in America is alive and well, and enabled in part by the cops, prosecutors and judges who fail their communities on a daily basis.

Enter Anonymous, stage left. When a vicious gang rape was committed upon a teenager in Steubenville, Ohio, local law enforcement at first did nothing at all. Then a local blogger started making some noise and the cops kinda sorta started working a little bit. Then Anonymous got righteously pissed off, and proceeded to publish all sorts of information about the case. Two little s***s were convicted and are now doing time, no thanks to the locals. And thanks to Anonymous.

In Torrington, CT, a 13-year old girl was sexually assaulted by multiple males, some of them adults.. The cops again did bupkis, at least at first. Then a local blogger and Anonymous started making noise about the case, and they started to do their jobs, because they did not want to look like Steubenville. Four sexual predators are facing trial, thanks to local officials and Anonymous.

In Nova Scotia, a teenaged girl was gang-raped, blamed, and hanged herself after the cops did nothing. Again, Anonymous told the locals they would open a can of whoop-ass if they didn’t step up. Just like in Steubenville, the RCMP blew them off, and Anonymous opened the promised cans of whoop-ass. Surprise, surprise, the locals have re-opened the case, all the while complaining about vigilantes

News Flash: the reason vigilantes are acting is because, and only because, the duly constituted authorities have failed the citizens they are sworn to protect and serve. For years, the cops have been able to selectively protect women from violent crimes, at the discretion of the locals, because local culture pretty much decided how to deal with sexual assaults, domestic violence and suchlike. If the locality was a hotbed of rape culture, the victims were denied justice: if the area’s mores were based on the rule of law, the guilty were prosecuted.

Not anymore, says Anonymous (and a growing number of people around the world).No one should have to play dice with their safety, their lives, and their rights, depending on where they live and the attitudes of the local constabulary. If law enforcement won’t, you know, enforce the law, then we need the hacktivists to hold their feet to the fire until they do their jobs.

Here’s a reluctant toast, then, to the vigilantes at Anonymous. And here’s hoping that our public servants get the message, so that we no longer need Anonymous to protect us.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky.

Yesterday, one Royal a**hole Mayo, past president and current board member of the Steubenville NAACP, said some truly vomit-inducing things about a poor girl who was raped by one of his friends. You can read the Revised Cranky Edition of the story, and find Mayo’s Facebook page HERE.

Late yesterday, the NAACP did, at least, repudiate the remarks of His Imperial Mayoness. However, they spent at least as much time covering their collective arses as they did condemning his slanderous, sexist, disgusting pro-rape statements.

You see, Royal woman-hater Mayo is still a board member of the Steubenville NAACP. They can say he’s not a spokesperson, they can say he’s no longer a chapter president, and that may be true. But he is still an officer and member of the organization. So they don’t appear to be all that upset about what their official said, now do they?

If they were really concerned by the Mayo’s pro-rape positions and his spreading of lies about the victim of a crime his buddy Malik Richmond was convicted of committing, they’d at least have removed him from the board. But they haven’t. So they aren’t.

As a public service, this writer most humbly suggests a new slogan for the NAACP: ” advancing civil rights for men, and putting women in their place”. Seems to fit.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Remember the victim in the Steubenville rape case? The one who got abused the night of the rape, and has been getting more abuse, death threats, and God knows what else thrown at her ever since? Right, that rape victim.

She’ll be needing medical care, counseling, security to protect her from the rape freaks who want to kill her, all kinds of help for years to come. Expensive help, and the kid isn’t from a rich area. So some decent people in the world (yes, there are a few) decided to set up a fund to help her family cope with the bills. A nice gesture, you’ll agree.

But the girl said “no, thank you”. She asks that you send donations to the Madden House, which treats sexual assault victims: .

Got it? She could have taken the money, and no one more deservedly so. But she thinks others need it more than her. That, people, is class.

Candy Crowley didn’t make that gesture. The Rape Crew didn’t. Sheriff Abdalla, the football coach, the parents and the kids in town that watched her get raped and have since called her everything in the book, everyone who actually shares some of the blame for what happened, NONE OF THEM have shown Ounce One of generosity, kindness, compassion, or just general human goodness. Only Jane Doe has done that.

She, unlike the rest of the cast of characters in this tragedy, has reminded us of what we are supposed to be, how we are supposed to treat each other, and what God (call Him what you like, if anything) has charged us to be.

Jane Doe is what class looks like. Bless her.

Mr. B & C

P.S: another funding suggestion from the Does- The Sexual Assault Help Center, 112 Braddock Street, Fairmont, WV 26554. Make checks out to WVFRIS.