It is now clear that the only thing the Right Wing (and their puppets the “Republican Party”)cares about is getting Obama out of office. They used to care about other stuff, too, but since they got their elephantine arses handed to them on a Chinet platter last November, their anger and hatred of the Prexy has gotten even further out of hand. Since the voters told them to pound sand, they have decided to try to run him out of office via scandals.

So we have had (just in the past few weeks) BomberGate, BenghaziGate, IRSGate, and other such manufactured bits of outrage that turned out to be, well, manufactured when looked at closely. Not to mention all the other fake bits of fertilizer that had emerged prior. But today, we have hit a new standard in faux outrage: UmbrellaGate.


Obama and the Turkish PM were holding a presser when it started to rain. A couple of Marines came over with umbrellas and held them over the two heads of state. Pretty normal stuff, but you’d not know it to hear the Teabaggers and their cohorts screeching away.

Calm down, peeps. Here are a couple of Umbrella-related photos for you to peruse:

untitled Umbrella_Reagan-350x200 SarahPalin

Funny how the Right Wingnuts never made a peep about these people getting umbrellas held over THEIR heads, eh? (Yes, yes, Marines were holding the brollies for these two guys, so that makes this all different, right? Wrong. He’s the CIC, and the PM is an honored guest.)

Oh, and here’s a picture of Obama holding an umbrella over PM Cameron’s head the other day:


Outrageous, eh? Hrrrrmmmmm…no. It isn’t. People hold umbrellas for other people all the time. It’s not called a “scandal”. It’s called “manners”. Here’s another example of manners: accepting the results of an election, getting the f*** over it, and doing the work you were elected to do. Try it sometime, Wingnuts: maybe your approval ratings would climb out of single digits if you did.


Mr. Blunt and Cranky