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Three examples today of how Libertarians and their wannabees amongst the Teabagging and “Republican” communities behave in real life when things don’t go their way:

Number A:

20140225-082439.jpg This unemployed Libertarian is crying because the safety net he voted against isn’t there when he needs it. Yes, he hated that big government and its handouts when he was employed, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, he wants Congress to “have a freaking heart”. Sorry about your luck, Chuck: next time you vote, maybe you’ll be the one to have a freaking heart.

Letter 2:

20140225-083859.jpg Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson has been an advocate for deregulating horizontal drilling and fracking everywhere in the United States. Until it affected him and other rich Libertarians, that is:

Instead, the suit claims, the water company began building a 160-foot water tank, calling it “this monstrosity” that will “create a constant and unbearable nuisance to those that live next to it.” The tank will be constantly lighted, make noise and “create an attractive nesting spot for invasive species of bird and other animals,” the suit says.
And then it adds that the water company will sell water to drillers for hydraulic fracturing, “leading to traffic with heavy trucks” on nearby Farm Road 407, and “creating a noise nuisance and traffic hazards.”

Yep, deregulation for everybody but himself. Typical Libertarian hypocrisy.

Thirdly: We have the Libertarian’s fave “currency”, Bitcoin. This barely-regulated “money” appeals to the “ideals” of Libertarians, to the extent that the party now accepts them as campaign contributions. But now that the exchanges are collapsing due to the lack of regulation, investors of all political stripes are calling for, well, regulation.

When it comes down to it, Libertarians want all the benefits of the governments they pretend to despise: a safety net, clean air and water, and safety from criminals, to name but a few. They just don’t want to PAY for it, or to be bound themselves by “burdensome” regulations and laws. Hypocrites, in other words.

Screw all of those lying, smirking, two-faced, Libertarian sons of bitches. They should reap what they have sown, and learn the hard way that government is not always the problem (as their Saint Ronnie of Alzheimer claimed): sometimes, government can be a good thing. Let ’em deal with its absence and see how they like it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Yes, he’s been sponging off us since 1984.

But Speaker Boehner desn’t want YOU to have more than a few weeks of taxpayer money if you become unemployed.

Think about it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

…you know, like the pundits and media were saying would happen if he got elected. And then the Congress said ever since he got elected. And then the same thing after he got re-elected. Still no destroyed economy. In fact, the economy seems to keep getting better and better.

So…if the economy hasn’t  been destroyed like they said it would…maybe Obama isn’t the stinking Kenyan socialist they said he was?

Naaaaaah. Don’t be ridiculous.

Mr. B & C

Once upon a time, Mr. Blunt and Cranky was contracted to play a session in Santa Monica for a singer-songwriter –  3 hours, 3 songs, $120.00. Not great pay,  but a man’s gotta eat.

As it turns out, the “artist” stiffed the studio cats (including your humble correspondent). He then had the brass to ask us all to play again , promising he’d pay  us this time. A few of the players were fool enough to trust him a second time, and (surprise, surprise) got shafted again. No one had much sympathy for them, of course: when you do business with a contract-breaker, what do you expect?

Since the middle of the last century, Americans have been paying their insurance premiums for a variety of programs; these are also contracts. Contracts for retirement income, health care, crop insurance, disaster insurance, and so on. Said premiums paid to the U.S. Government, with or without the consent of the payers.

Today, the Vice Presidential Nominee of the “Republican” Party wants to break a number of those contracts. All on his own, without your consent. Medicare, Social Security, Unemployment insurance, Agricultural insurance, a whole laundry list of products for which you have been paying, all to be sliced, diced, or done away with completely. You keep paying, but the government stops delivering.

This writer has been paying his taxes and premiums since 1974, and as any party to a business deal, has the right to expect that the other party will obey the law and uphold their end of the bargain. But with Washington, D.C. (and some States as well)under the effective control of a party that does not believe in honor, the rule of law, or of even honoring a contract that has been in force for decades, he is more than a bit concerned that Ryan, Boehner, McConnell and Co. will do as they say, and rip up the contract. Thereby stealing 38 years’ worth of his hard-earned money paid to those crooks.

Let’s be clear: People who break contracts are criminals. Crooks. Thieves. Liars. Scumbuckets. And like that coke-headed artist of yore, the “Republican” party has announced its intention to steal your money and give you little or nothing in return.

If you vote “Republican”, you are enabling this pattern of criminal behavior. Don’t come crying to the rest of us when you find out you’ve been robbed, because when you do business with a contract-breaker, what do you expect?

MR. B & C

It has become an article of faith amongst many politicos that regulations kill jobs. In fact, this mantra shows up on talk radio, pundit blather sessions, and even in the official names of legislation, among other places. However, we should remember that “faith” is defined as believing something for which there is no (or insufficient) proof.

While Mr. Blunt and Cranky possesses a strong Libertarian streak, he knows that data supports a certain amount of regulation as a positive influence on the marketplace. And he humbly submits that any few jobs that might be lost due to a new regulation are not as big of a deal compared with the huge number of jobs lost due to the consequences of de-regulation.

Remember the huge financial crisis of a few years ago? That was caused by insufficient regulation and lax enforcement of existing regulations, and has resulted in the toss of tens of millions of jobs around the globe. In fact, the job losses aren’t over yet. These are tangible job losses caused by a tangible cause.

So against the hypothetical, faith-based loss of potential jobs maybe someday somewhere that might possibly be caused by future regulations, this writer presents the worldwide loss of actual jobs caused by inadequate regulations. Facts beat faith, as they so often do. 

Mr. B & C