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Here’s a picture of the recent rally at the White House:BWd9MsBIMAAR5AD, showing that there are lots of sore losers in America. In this one picture, we see Teabaggers (who lost in 2012, big time), Confederates (who lost the Civil War, big time) and “Republicans”(who lost in 2012, big time). None of these people can comprehend the fact that they got their heads handed to them on  a platter. All of them are convinced that they should have won, and none of them understand that they did not.

And who “led” this motley assembly that was supposed to represent our veterans? Who was in charge of a load of yahoos waving Confederate Flags at a black man in the White House? Why, two teabgging politicos (Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz),  and a child-molesting nutjob (Larry Klayman), none of whom ever served in combat.

News flash: The South lost the Civil War. Teabaggers lost the last few elections. Republicans lost the last few elections. All the sore losers need to accept reality and move on. Instead of threatening the life of the President and trying to overthrow the government.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

Mr. Blunt and Cranky’s best friend is a veteran. A decorated combat veteran. And Bush The Smarter laid his ass off, screwing him out of the retirement bennies that he so richly deserved (they called it a “reduction in force”, but a layoff by any other name still stinks). Support our troops? Not so much. That friend got fired by bean-counters, and never mind what promises had been made to him by his government.

Right now, Congressional “Republicans” are ready, willing and intending to screw our military six ways from Sunday, all because the Repubs want to score points on the President over Sequestration. Support our troops? Not if they can be used and abused by cynical hacks on Capitol Hill.

Our veterans are denied the health care they need, the support they deserve, and the respect they have earned. After sacrificing everything for us, they are kicked to the curb with only a “thank you” (if that). And gratitude is worth its weight in gold. (Think about that one, you’ll get it.)

Here’s one example: the guy who killed Bin Laden is unemployed. Yes, you read that right: one of the best American warriors has gotten so little support that he can’t pay his bills:Support our troops? Yeah, right.

Mr. B & C

Mr. Blunt and Cranky has lots of friends and relatives who are veterans, and has lost a few of such over the years. And even though the Military said “no thanks” to his back and eyesight when he tried to enlist, he has done what he can as a private citizen to support those who serve us and paid the price of freedom.

Over the upcoming weekend, there will be manymanymany blowhards using the sacrifice of these individuals to score cheap political points (in fact, this has already started). In an effort to hose these dirty dogs down a bit (the only way to stop such critters), here are some blunt truths about sacrifice:

{1} Since the Civil War, not one veteran has died in favor of a divided America. So, if you’re planning a partisan speech to demonize the other side, show them some respect and don’t start with that crap.

{2} Not a single Veteran has died to promote one type of religion over another. So if you’re planning to preach from the pulpit about how those brave men and women died so that your denomination could triumph over the rest, show them some respect and don’t start with that crap.

{3} Veterans do not die for a political party. Not the Whigs, the Dems, the Repubs, the Greens, etc.  So if you’re planning a speech….you get the idea.

These are supposed to be the UNITED States of America. If all we do as a people is remember that fact, we will truly honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans on this Memorial Day.

Mr. B & C