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There are always a few “viral videos” of people on scooters jumping up, or people with handicapped placards running into a store, and the posters thereof always assume that the person with the disability is a fraud. That “no one with a disability could possible do X, therefore they aren’t really disabled”, yadayadaramaramadingdong. Gentle Reader, your humble Bloggespondent is here to offer up a counterexample: his own self.

The Cranky handicap placard is because of coronary insufficiencies, and those are of course largely invisible. However, if over-exertion occurs, so too will the “drop dead in one’s tracks” event occur. That is a pretty serious health issue. (An ICD will be implanted as soon as the insurer pulls its institutional thumb out.) But since there is nothing external to see, the jackasses who post such ignorant, judgemental Internet items would likely view the use of a handicapped spot as “proof” of “fraud”.

And do I get looks from such judging jackalopes? Oh f*** yeah, I get looks. People think they can f*** diagnose persons with physical limitations just by looking at us. Arrogant a**holes…even qualified medical practitioners can’t do an eyeball scan and see such cardiovascular issues. But far too many laypeople think they CAN do such an analysis. F***ing ridiculous. 

When you see someone with such a placard, or riding on a scooter in the store remember how little we can tell about a stranger’s health via a glance. Don’t assume that we are fakes. Assume we are legit, because you are almost certainly NOT our doctors.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

You all remember Rush, right? They used to be a rock band. But it’s time to order the flowers and start tuning your bagpipes, because that band as you knew it has died.

Geddy and Alex, you see, are endorsing Walmart by letting them use the song “Working Man” in a TV commercial. Walmart, one of the worst employers on Planet Earth, has Rush’s blessing to use its song as a way to help whitewash their appalling record of abusing workers, stealing from honest taxpayers, and paying its own working men and women so little, many of them are on public assistance.

To compound the idiocy, the band has recently claimed to have renounced their collective worship of Libertarian anti-goddess Ayn Rand. But now they show their true colors by jumping in between the sheets with the real-life Galts of the 21st century, the billionaire Walton family of Walmart infamy. These boyos are not on your side, America.

The former rock band Rush has been revealed as a load of profiteering, smirking, exploiting, greedy, manipulative, hypocritical Teabaggers. From this cranky writer to Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Neal Peart: your once-proud band is dead, having become nothing more than a propaganda tool for the 1%. The “Working Man” Lee and Lifeson wrote about is being further ground under the heels of the most regressive employers of the modern age while you play chorus to their Dickensian practices, and if there were any justice in this world, he would spit in your sneering, self-absorbed faces.

Rush is dead. The “musicians” of Rush live on, but their band is no more. Let’s all line up to relieve ourselves on Rush’s grave.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

That is the deal, Cranky Nation: for years, places like McDonald’s, Walmart and suchlike have been paying such low wages, even their best workers are obliged to use taxpayer-funded services like food stamps, HEAP, and medical cards to keep a roof over their heads. It’s gotten to be so common, even bank workers are frequently on public assistance. Banks. Where the money is. Even they won’t pay their people a living wage.

That means, in short, these businesses are making we, the taxpayers, pay their bills, while they pad their bank accounts. Your tax dollars, being stolen to pay the bills that businesses are too greedy to pay themselves. That means higher taxes for all of us, meaning less money in our pockets.

The issue of low wages isn’t one that only affects the workers: it hits almost every American taxpayer in the wallet, too. Tired of having your pocket picked? Tired of politicos and nabobs transferring your hard-earned to their offshore bank accounts?

Then support an increase in the minimum wage. Even if you don’t give a s*** about your fellow man, it’s in your own best interest.

Lower taxes. Higher wages. It’s a win-win. Support it.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky

No matter how big a motherf***er you are, sometimes you’ll have to pay for what you’ve done to all those mothers. Even Walmart’s CEO has to account for his abuse of that company’s “associates”. Mr. Duke was forced out after the National Labor Relations Board announced its intention to prosecute the company for crapping on its workers.

Walmart, you see, really hates the idea of unions. Or anything that might increase labor costs, like, you know, paying a living wage, providing benefits, and so on. And anytime an “associate” (which sounds a lot like “oh s***”. Coincidence? Not in this case.) objects to being treated like a toad in front of bulldozer, Walmart retaliates. Even the NLRB can’t believe the crap that Wal-Mart is pulling, so they are going after the company.

Walmart can charge such low prices because they shift the costs to the American taxpayer: they pay such crap wages, a large percentage of their workers are on food stamps, HEAP, ADC, CHIP, and other expensive government acronyms. They also get tax breaks on the corporate level, in the form of abatements, TIFs, and other corporate welfare. So you pay at least twice for every purchase at Walmart: once at the register, and then with your payroll taxes, and in many cases again with your property taxes. (That’s three times, in case you’re keeping score.)

Mr. Duke is walking away with millions of dollars after making his company an even more hostile and abusive workplace than it was before. The “associates” are even worse off than they were before. And any NLRB action won’t really hurt such a colossus, because Congress has made it difficult to hold companies to account in any meaningful way. So it’s up to us to send a message to the Waltons and their latter-day sweatshops:
Don’t f***ing shop there today.

The only injury any business fears is the loss of profit. If we all say “f*** you” to Walmart and shop elsewhere, we can get their attention. And if we keep doing so, we can force change upon those greedy motherf***ing bastards that run the place.

There are lots of other places that offer great prices on Black Friday. This writer suggests you shop at small, independent local businesses whenever possible. More on that tomorrow. But even if you can’t keep it local (sometimes that is so), you can pick companies that offer a fair deal to you and their workers. Here are some links to such enterprises:

Mr. Blunt and Cranky