9163551_448x252In the town of Hope Mills, a racist dips*** decided to lie to the city about the nature of his float. Instead of “Watermelons For Sale” as stated in his application form, the float had signs saying “White History Month”.

The hateful, bigoted Donnie Spell not only lied to the parade organizers about the signage on his float, he refused to change them when they saw the signs before the parade started.

And when people saw the signs and objected to them, what did this pea-brained fool do? Why, like any cowardly jackass, he ran home and locked himself away, quivering in fear of the city, his friends, and the news media.

That, friends, is all you need to know about racists: they are lying, cheating, deceitful, cowardly little bits of scum.

And we need to call them out on it, at every opportunity.

Mr. Blunt and Cranky.