One thing that drives Mr. Blunt and Cranky further into the Abyss of Crankiness is people who lie to themselves. And when it comes to President Obama, there are lots of liars out there. Hoo Boy, are there ever. A very few people worship him, many shrug their shoulders,  some dislike the man, and a s***load-and-a-half hate him.

This writer is on the cusp of shrug and dislike, and makes no bones about it: he thinks Obama was too young to be President. Add to that a natural suspicion of slick-talking orators, and you have the reasons for the attitude. See? Not hard to do. Here’s the feeling, here’s the reason. So, everybody, try it on for size:

The Obama Worshippers are those who are looking for a savior. Instead of doing the hard work themselves, they want someone to solve our problems for us. Unrealistic, but understandable. Just admit that you don’t want to bust ass to create the world of your dreams, and want Obama to do it for you.

Maybe you’re one of the many haters. You might hate him because you are (consciously or subconsciously) a racist like these idiots: If so, at least admit it to yourself. Not many things are more pathetic than a racist who is too cowardly to own their racist attitudes.

Maybe you hate him because you’re too lazy to fact-check the “news” you follow and believe that Obama is (all at once, mind you) a Commie, a Socialist, a Fascist, and a Nazi; a Moslem, a Christian and an Atheist; black, white and mixed; or any other set of self-contradictory labels. Not much of anyone wants to admit to being lazy, but suck it up and do it.

Or maybe you hate the Prexy because all of your friends and family hate him, and you’re just going along to get along. Even fewer people want to admit to having no mind of their own, but hey, man, admit it.

The most important thing is to not try and fool yourself. Because, friend, you sure as Hell aren’t fooling anybody else.

Mr. B & C