There is a lot of hooting and hollering about a “war on religion” in the United States: evidently, our KenyanMuslimChristianSocialistAtheistSatanicCommunistFascistBlackWhiteMaoistGodonlyknowswhatelse butwewillcallhimthateventuallyjustyouwaitandsee Prexy has unleashed all of the demonic forces at his command to take away our freedoms, which he hates us for. At least, that’s what one hears from multiple “news” sources, and in speeches from our “representatives”.

Please, can we all just pay a brief visit to Planet Reality? A few facts to keep in mind:

Number A: The President has doodly-squat  in the way of power over religion. Congress has not much more, the Courts slightly more than Congress: simply put, the three branches of government have very little influence over things churchish. The IRS has more power to regulate religion (via application of tax breaks) than any other public entity, but it usually doesn’t exercise it.

Letter 2: Most Americans are religious, and we can pray, proselytize, tithe, and go to church unmolested: Christians, Moslems, Jews, Wiccans, Unitarians, Mormons, Buddhists, etc. Anybody here been prevented from doing so?

Thirdly: Churches get lots of slack cut for them, in terms of speech, taxes, special services provided by government, and so on. This blogger once saw a  Mike Huckabee political rally at a Babtist church: that sort of thing is forbidden under the tax code, but no one enforced that law, as is usually the case.

Religion permeates virtually every layer and aspect of American society, and anyone dumb enough to try to declare war on it would soon wish they were fighting something easier, like a platoon of rabid Hydras. Might be amusing to watch, but it hasn’t happened, isn’t happening, isn’t gonna happen, and it would fail if it were tried. Calm down.

Mr. B & C

Next Time: So, if there is no war on religion, what is all the fuss about?